They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


28. Chapter 28

  "Well, that’s the last of it" I said and handed niall my suitcase and he loaded it onto the bus. I ran inside and said goodbye to my parents and Sara. I was so happy to be back on the bus with the boys, and this time Eleanor and Danielle were with us too. Perrie would have come, but she had her own tour. The boys had big plans for Jazzie and me, but they wouldn’t tell us, they wanted to wait till we met the "management" team. I went to my new room and put my stuff down, and then I took a look around the new bus. On the first floor there was the sitting area, table, TV, kitchen, and mini bathroom. There are a small set of steps that take you to the lower level. There were rows of bunk beds on either side of the walls. Every two pair’s beds there were a sliding door that separated them. The four girls took the four beds at the very end of the hall so the boys didn’t have to walk through our section to get to theirs. Danielle Jazzie took the top bunks on the left side and the right side. Eleanor took the bunk underneath Danville and I took the bunk under jazzie. I started thinking about how if we wanted to go upstairs; we had to walk through the boys section. Thankfully there was a bathroom at the end of the hall which was basically the girl’s room.  The next section, the one that was next to ours, was Niall, Harry, and Louis. They section closest to the stairs was Zayn, Liam. Paul, who was also the driver, shared a room with his wife and kids on the first floor. "Katie, could you come up here for a second" Harry yelled down the stairs. I walked up and met them and sat down by Niall on the couch. Everyone was sitting there and Paul had an announcement for Jazzie and me.        "We think that it would be a good idea for you and Jazzie to join the 1D Team?" I looked over at Niall who waited for my answer. I was shocked; no one gets to join management. I was thrilled. "We'd love to!" Jazzie said. I nodded in agreement with my best friend. "What would we do?" I asked Paul. He looked at his phone and said, "Katie, Niall said you are good with technology, we really need someone who can run the Website and 1D Twitter, and Jazzie, Harry said you have experience with Cosmetology?" Jazzie nodded, "well good, the stylist needs some help, and Katie you can help too." Paul said and handed Jazzie and I a white box. I opened mine and inside was the brand new IPhone. "WOAH! What's this for?" I asked in shock. Niall said, "Because everyone who worked with 1D needed a new number and iPhones so everyone could communicate through iMessage, FaceTime, and other apps we use." I turned on the phone and it was already loaded with apps like, GPS, photography apps, 1D updates, twitter, 1D facebook, notes, contacts, and blog updater which is what I would use. I looked at Jazzes’ phone; she had styling apps, contacts, and notes on hers. Our phones were specially loaded with everything we needed. "Only the boys, team members, family, and management can know these new numbers ok?" Paul said sternly. "Okay" I quickly said. I pulled out my personal phone and synced it with my new one. I handed Paul my old phone and he asked me if I wanted to keep it so I can keep my friends in contact. "No, it's okay, I didn't have real friends back home anyway, except Jazzie, and now I have El, Danielle and Perrie,  but I can call them on the new phone because she's 1D team too" I smiled and looked at them. I was so happy that we were part of the team. I stood up and went to my bunk and synced my new phone with my laptop. Jazzie came downstairs and sat down beside me on the bed. "This is so freaking awesome!" she squealed. "I know right! I’m so happy I got in charge of the website I already have some ideas for the blog" I said. I unplugged the cord and set my laptop on the bed. I walked upstairs and sat down by niall on the couch.        Eleanor was at the kitchen table with Louis and I walked over and sat down. “Do you have a job too?" I asked. Louis nodded and handed me a booklet. "El and Danielle are  going to be in charge of our interviews and making sure were not late, so basically they make sure us little kids don’t run off" Louis said. "Okay, cool" I said. I went back and sat down by Niall. "Hey you what’s up?" I said and rested my head on him. "Not much, just looking through our schedule" he said and let me look at it. I read tomorrow's events, photo shoot and promotional video. As soon as I handed it back to him my phone buzzed. I picked it up and unlocked it, I got a message from management, "Jazzie and Katie on hair and clothes, stylist won't be there, Katie, take pictures for the website blog, Thank you- M" I put my phone away. "Who was that?" Niall said. "Management" I replied. "I get to help Jazzie get you guys ready" I said and ruffled his hair. He quickly fixed it and raised his eyebrows. "What, did that bother you?" I said and did it again. He laughed and fixed it. "Hey you two, turn down the cuteness" Zayn said and sat down beside us. "Aww is someone missing Perrie" Niall joked. Zayn scoffed and denied it, but we all knew he missed her. The bus pulled over and we all got out to get dinner. Paul followed us from behind. "Is it weird having him with you 24/7?" I asked Liam. "It was annoying at first but, know he's like a father to us" Liam smiled. We walked into the restaurant, and sat down across from Louis, Eleanor, and zayn. Niall sat at my left and harry and Jazzie on my right. Jazzie sent me a text and asked me to go to the restroom with her. I stood up and followed her. "What?" I whispered. She looked at me and showed me her phone. "Management said that we get to do the hair for the guys tomorrow, well I'm so nervous that ill mess up." I gave her a hug, "Jaz, your gonna be fine, if anyone's going to mess up, it will be me" I said reassuringly. She nodded and laughed. We walked back to the table and sat down. "We order drinks for you while you were away, are you two okay?" Harry asked. "Oh yeah, we're fine, thanks" I smiled. "Your drinks" the waiter put the cups on the table. We ordered our food and waited. Once the food came we started eating, the food was really spicy, and Jazzes’ was too. I was about to take a drink when Jazzie elbowed me. I gave her a questioning look. She whispered "IT'S DR. PEPPER!" I almost dropped the drink, for Jazzie and I, back in middle school we realized that Dr. Pepper was the one thing that made us burp. And I mean, like, a lot. Louis looked puzzled and said, "Um ladies, if the foods so spicy just take a drink." He handed my cup back to me and I took a tiny sip, Jazzie did the same. I smiled and nibbled on my food. Then all the sudden, like clockwork, Jazzie and I burped within seconds of each other. It was so loud I think the whole restaurant heard us. I covered my mouth and blushed. Niall almost fell out of his chair from laughing so hard, and Louis was barely breathing. Eleanor was trying to act like a lady but you could tell she was giggling. Eventually the whole table started laughing. The manager had to come out and scolded us, "you’re disrupting the restaurant! What do you have to say for yourselves?" Jazzie just shrugged and said, "Um, excuse us, we burped?"    
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