They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


25. Chapter 25

  "Wake up butt head, your stealing all the covers!" I growled at my best friend who was peacefully sleeping while I froze to death. I shoved her off the bed and snatched the blanket. She screamed and got up, "HEY!" I smiled proudly, "good morning, did you sleep well?" I laughed. Jazzie stomped over to the door and walked out. I got out of bed and got dressed. The boys have been gone for almost a month. I talked to Niall on the phone last night and Jazzie texted harry till about two in the morning. I had been spending the past few days at Jazzes’ house; we never left each other’s sides. We were both broken inside but neither of us wanted to admit it. Last night we found out the boys weren’t going to make to our early graduation. The school had about one hundred other students who are also graduating in a week. Jazzie and I worked on our finals and hopefully we should be finished with everything by tomorrow. I went down to the kitchen and opened my laptops and worked on my school, Jazzie did also. We spent our day listening to music and working on our projects. "You know, I'm surprised that Niall isn't coming" Jazzie said to me. I was confused, "What do you mean?" Jazzie thought for a second then said, "Well, it's obvious he really loves you, everyone can see it. I’m surprised he's not coming to graduation even though there busy and stuff, that's all" she sighed. I thought about what she said. Although he was my boy, he has a job and whether we like it or not, he's a superstar.    ------       "No, I'm not going" I pouted. My mom sighed and took my computer. "Hey! Give that back" I reached for my laptop. "Katie, you’re done with school, what could you possibly need it for?" My mom protested. She was right, I was done with school, but I didn't want her to see that Niall and I were all over the Internet from when we went to Louis's house last month. There was nothing bad; it was just the fact that the world knew we were dating. "I'm taking you and Jazzie out for lunch. You need to get out" my mom took my hand and pulled me towards my room. "I'll call Jasmine, you get dressed, and we’re leaving in fifteen." I sighed and got dressed. I made myself look good, just in case I would see someone, or in this case, someone would see me. I had on my black jeans, fuzzy boots, silver shirt under my leather jacket and scarf. I did my hair and makeup and then met my mom in the car.        "Hey" Jazzie smiled as she got in the car. I could tell she had the same thought I did, dress nice because you never know who will see you. Jazzie was wearing nice jeans with heals and a sparkly shirt with a sweater. My mom pulled the car in the restaurant parking lot and we got out. We got a table and ordered. Jazzie texted me under the table,   Jazzie- "ok, I'm officially paranoid"    Me- "um me too, this is nuts, I saw a pic on twitter last night of me at your house getting out of my car, I had no idea they were behind me"   Jazzie- "WHAT! Why didn't you tell me?"   Me- "cuz, I didn't wanna make u nervous that they r stalking our houses"   Jazzie- "it's a little late"   Our conversation was interrupted by two girls standing at our table. "Hi!" The one squealed. I nodded a hello. The other girl took out her phone and showed it to me. "You’re her!" She said I looked at the picture; it was Niall and I at the Jingle Ball. I nodded and they got excited. "And your Jasmine right?" The littler girl said. Jazzie said, "Yup" and nodded. "Can we get a picture?" They asked. I looked over at my mom who was very startled by the sudden interruption. "Um, sure" I smiled. The girls ran behind us and my mom took the picture. The girls write they're twitter names on a piece of paper and begged us for the boys to follow them, but we didn't say a thing. The girls waved then ran off. 
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