They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


24. Chapter 24

    "Did Niall call today?" My mom's words made my heart drop. At the mention of his name made me feel broken. The saying, "you never know how much you love something till it’s gone" describes my situation perfectly. It has already been two weeks since I got home. Jazzie and I have spent every minute of every day together, making sure to never miss a FaceTime or call from the boys. My days consist of school and more school and more school. Jazzie and I were getting so far ahead that we might graduate early. I sat at my laptop staring at Niall's offline symbol. "No mom, he hasn't" I said slumped in my seat at the kitchen table. "Katie, when's the last he talked to you?" Jazzie stared at me. I sighed, "three days ago, but were going to FaceTime tonight." My mom patted my hand, "its okay Hun, he's busy, remember you’re his princess." I smiled and thought about how he calls me that. I nodded and turned back to working on my graduation project.    -----------   "He's calling Katie!" Sara screamed and ran to my room holding my laptop. "ANSWER IT, I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" I yelled from the living room. I sprinted up the steps and saw Sara sitting on my bed talking to Niall. I stayed in the doorway. "Hi Niall!" She squeaked. Niall's face lit up, "hey there little lassie, how are ya?" He said. Hearing the sound of his voice brought butterflies to my stomach. Sara replied then I walked in the room and Sara went to get Jazzie from the kitchen. "There's my princess" he smiled as I sat down. "What's been going on?" I asked him. Although he texted and called almost every day, we didn't have time to really talk. "Interviews, radio, writing songs" he listed. I nodded as he told me everything that they were up to. I just kept smiling at him, I missed him so much. Harry and Lou walked onto the screen and sat down by Niall. "JAZZIE, GET YOUR BUTT UP HERE, YOUR MAN IS ON!" I screamed down the stairs. I heard her scram, something broke, them feet sprinting up the steps. "Hi" harry smiled. "How's my girl?" Harry said. Jazzie and I told him and Niall about our early graduation plans. The boys got very excited and thought it was a great idea. Jazzie and I talked to Niall, Harry, and Louis for hours. Jazzie said goodbye to harry and Louis and they let Niall and I talk. "These weeks are going so slow Katie" Niall sighed. "I know" I said. Niall sighed and looked at his pocket watch. “I gotta go darlin', you know I love you right?" I smiled and nodded, "yup, just you and me, forever and always." Niall smiled and pulled out his necklace from under his shirt, "I promise." We said our goodbyes and I ended the call. Tonight I was going to stay at Jazzes’ house so we could sit and cry together. I'm so glad I have a friend who's going through the exact same thing as me.    
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