They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


20. Chapter 20


I sat up and looked at my calendar hanging beside my bed. Today was December twenty seventh; Niall and I leave for Ireland tomorrow. I got out of bed and took a shower. I'm the kind of person who takes up all the warm water because I just stand there in the shower and sing. I quickly put my robe on when I was finished and ran across the cold floor, to my bedroom. I put on my jeans and a t-shirt. I walked over to my nightstand where I had my little cardboard box filled with special things from Niall. I picked the first necklace Niall gave me, the small gold ring with the emerald jewel. I slipped it off the small gold chain and onto my finger. I reached down into the box and picked up my newest addition to my jewelry collection, the silver guitar pick. I held the cold metal in my hands; I heard a knock at my door. "Katie, you awake yet?" I heard Niall say. "Yeah, C'mon in" I said and opened the door for him. Niall was still in his pajama shorts and t-shirt and his hair was all messy. I giggled at his appearance because I found myself just staring at him. My gaze was broken when he took me in for a hug, "Morning darlin" he whispered. I smiled knowing how much he cared for me. "Watcha got there?" He noticed my right hand was balled in a fist. His hand opened my fingers and I showed him the necklace. "May I?" Niall said and took the pendant from my hand, walked behind me, moved my hair, and clasped it around my neck. "Thanks" I muttered and turned to face him. He smiled and looked down at me. "I'm hungry, can we get breakfast?" He pouted. I smirked because I knew he was going to say that. I grabbed his hand, which practically engulfed mine when he held it, and we went downstairs. 



I reached for my phone as soon as I heard the ding. I got a text from Jazzie, "we're comin over, k?" I replied back, "Okay, see you soon" I flopped down on the couch and looked through my phone that I practically haven't touched since we got home. "Hey Niall! Apparently the fandom thinks that you've gone missing" I shouted to the kitchen. Niall spun around, ran over, and grabbed the phone. He laughed then kept scrolling. "Hey is this your Instagram" he said looking at me with a devilish grin. I panicked and grabbed the phone back and made a mad dash for my room. Niall, being much faster, beat me up the stairs and stood in front of my door. I frowned at him and looked around for a different escape route. "Oh no you don't!" Niall said anticipating that I was about to run again. He scooped me up and flopped me down on the bed. "Phone, now..." He said holding out his hand. I grimaced as I handed it to him. Niall sat down beside me and I leaned over to see exactly what he was looking at. I heard the door open downstairs, "we're here!" Jazzie said. "Hey! Help me!" I yelled. I heard two pairs of footsteps running up. "What's wrong?" Harry said. "Niall's looking at my instagram" I said hopelessly. Harry gave the "so?" Look and Jazzie said, "Oh crap" and here eyes got huge. Niall couldn't stop laughing; I sat there with my face in my hands. I was very thankful that I wasn't like one of those super crazy girls who would put inappropriate stuff on theirs, but I was still thoroughly embarrassed. "Hehe, you said you loved me as the caption for this one" he said pointing to one of him wearing that darn ugly Christmas sweater. I blushed, "I'll have you know, I haven't posted anything new since the day I met you" I said sheepishly. Niall's gaze came off my phone and over to me. "Why?" He asked curiously. "Well, because, once I met the real you, I didn't need pictures or twitter to try to figure out what you were like" I said staring at my floor. He landed on a picture of himself and showed it'll to me. "So, is this guy anything you thought he'd be like?" I looked up from my gaze at the floor and my eyes fell upon a picture on the phone. It was the very first picture I ever posted, the picture that started the whole obsession with one direction. I couldn't help but smile. "Niall, the day we joined you guys on the bus, I realized you were nothing like the Niall I thought I knew." Niall frowned when I told him this, but I continued, "You are so much more. I thought I loved that Niall" I said pointing to the phone. "But now, I love, this Niall" I put my hand over his heart and he smiled and gave me a hug. He gave me my phone back with a wink. "Okay, that was adorable, now, what are we going to do today?" Harry said. I had totally forgotten they were here. "Um, want to try to get out today?" I said. Harry nodded and Niall agreed. "Yeah, goin out would be nice" niall said hopping off the bed and offering me his hand. I took it, stood up, and went to get my shoes. I went and told my mom that we were going to be gone a while. I grabbed my keys, and Niall's hand and we all walked out the door. "Katie, where do you think we should go?" jazzie asked me. I thought about it, the mall was just a stupid way to be bombarded by people and we weren’t ready for lunch yet. "How about that little movie theater down town?" I started the car. Jazzie agreed and we started driving. We pulled into the parking lot and Niall ran around and opened the door for me. "Thanks" I smiled. We went inside and ordered the tickets for "the hobbit." Harry got the popcorn and Jazzie got the drinks. Niall and I found the seats and sat down. There was no one else in the theater so far, and judging by the time, I was thinking that no one else was coming. The commercials started and between the four of us, we ate everything right up. "Wanna come get a drink with me?" I said to Niall. "yeah" he stood up and followed me. He ran to catch up with me and slipped his hand into mine. We walked to the concession stand and I got a soda for Niall and me to share. He went to the restroom and I waited by the counter. "What's he like" a soft voice whispered from behind the counter. I turned around to look at a girl about my age or a year or two younger. I smiled sweetly at her, "perfect." She nodded and sighed. I looked at her name tag, "Please, Elizabeth, don't tell anyone we're here" I pleaded. Elizabeth seemed to understand and she went back to work. Niall came out of the bathroom and we headed back to the theater doors. "Katie" I spun around and saw Elizabeth standing right behind me. "Be good to him, for all of us" she whispered in my ear. Niall looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I nodded and pat her hand, "I will." Elizabeth walked away, back to her station. Niall and I walked back in to join Harry and Jazzie, to watch the rest of the movie. 



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