They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


19. Chapter 19


 "Jazzie is going to be so surprised!" I said and clapped my hands. Niall and Harry and I have been up since seven o'clock getting ready for Jazzies' party. Harry smiled and nodded. "You want to go now?" Harry said asking Niall. Niall and Harry were going to go to her house then Niall was going to drop them off at "In and Out" the restaurant down town. Harry reserved the whole building so no one else would know they were there. Niall grabbed my keys and kissed my hand, "be back soon princess, I'm just going to drop them off." I nodded and kept cleaning and getting ready for the party. After the basement was ready for her eighteenth party, I ran to my room and got dressed. "Katie, I'm back!" Niall yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I ran down to meet him. "Did they make it to the restaurant without any paparazzi?" I said. Niall nodded and gave me a hug, picking me up off the ground. "Yeah, no paparazzi, and you look great!" He said and put me down. I was wearing a sparkly party dress and my pink converse. "Haha thanks. Why don't you go get ready too?" I said half pushing him up the stairs. "What I can't wear this?" He said pointing to his jeans and dirty sweatshirt. "Very funny, no, no you can't" I said laughing. Niall rolled his eyes and ran up the steps. He changed and came back down and sat on the couch, we waited for harry to txt Niall to come pick them up. After about an hour and a half he got the txt. I waited at the door till they got back. 


Niall ran inside ahead, while harry opened Jazzes’ door. Niall took my hand, spun me around, and we ran downstairs. I played the slide show of pictures of all of us on the TV. Niall played the music and we waited for them to come down. Jazzie came walking down stairs wearing her new dress we picked out a few days ago, her hair was curled and pulled up, and she had her sparkly heels on. "Happy Birthday Bestie!" I said running and giving her a hug. "How was dinner?" I asked. "Wonderful!" Harry said wrapped his arms around her. Jazzie smiled and reached up and ruffled his hair. "We'll let's get this party started!" Niall said, and turned up the music. We danced and played games and talked all night. It was about eleven and we were all sitting on the couch watching a movie. Niall paused it because I had to go to the restroom and he insisted I not miss a minute of the movie. I got up and went real fast, I was about to come back when Niall was standing in the kitchen and stopped me. "What?" I said looking into the family room where they were on the couch. Jazzie was sitting wrapped in Harry's arms, "did you have fun today babe?" He said to her. Niall and I peeked around the corner. I leaned out as far as I could, niall had his arms around me, hugging me, so I wouldn't fall, and I laughed to myself knowing how cute we looked. "I had a great time hazza" she said and rested her head on him. "Jazzie, you’re so beautiful." He said and held her face in his hands. She blushed and he kissed her forehead, "you’re perfect" and kissed her nose. "I, I really, really, love you" he whispered and then kissed her. Niall started giggling, "shhh!" I said and pushed him back into the kitchen and we gave them some privacy. "Awww they're so cute!" I squealed. Niall smiled and gave me a hug, "so are we" he said and kissed my head. I nodded, "let’s go finish that movie" I said. We walked back into the room and Jazzie gave me the "DID YOU SEE THAT!" Look.  I just smiled and winked at her. We finished the rest of our movies held in our boyfriend’s arms.



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