They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


17. Chapter 17



It was Christmas Eve and my day was going perfectly until all of the sudden Niall stopped talking to me. He wouldn't say anything to me. He would talk to my mom, Sara, and even my dad but not me. He wasn't mean or anything, but just quiet, which is not normal for him. In fact, he was very kind, he would open doors for me, made me lunch, and wouldn't stop smiling at me. I was very confused. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon and my mom and sister were busy making dinner for our "Christmas" with the Walker's, My dad was out fixing a strand of lights outside that went out, and Niall was up in his room. I went up to talk to him. "What’s going on? Does your throat hurt or something?" I asked him as I walked in without knocking. He was sitting on the bed scribbling on a paper and was on the phone. "Never mind" I said and walked out. "Harry, I have to go, she wants to know what’s going on. I’ll call you back" he said and laid the phone on the bed. He ran up behind me and grabbed my hand and turned me around. I wanted to be upset with him but all he had to do was smile and it didn't matter what he did, I couldn’t be upset. He held my hand, "find, I didn't want to tell you, I’m really bad at these things, I have something special planed for us tomorrow, and Jasmine and Harold are in on it." I let it sink in then realized how stupid I must look to him right now. "Well it must be serious, you called them Jasmine and Harold" I laughed a little. Niall shrugged and gave me the sheepish “I don’t know maybe" look. I rolled my eyes and said, "Fine, ill stop asking questions but, please talk to me." Niall agreed and I gave him a hug, "sorry Nialler, did I ruin it?" I asked. He hugged me tighter, "nope, your good darlin' “I smiled, he melted my heart every time he spoke to me. "I'm going to go call Harry back" he said and went back to his room. A piece of paper fell out of his pocket as he closed the door, it floated out into the hallway where I was standing and I picked it up. It was the list the Niall and I made on the bus, of all my favorite things. I finally got to read what he wrote, "she's sentimental, like me. She likes when it when it snows, wearing oversized sweatshirts, The smell of the ocean at the beach, my solos, the way Christmas lights look and late night snacks, just like me. Aka, she's perfect" I smiled as I read the list in his hand writing. Some of the things on the list were just random things he apparently remembers me saying over time. I heard him talking on the phone mumbling something about not being able to find something; I set the paper back down on the floor and ran quietly to my room. He opened the door saw the paper, grabbed it, and went back to his room. I flopped down on my bed and squealed into my pillow. After pulling myself back together I went downstairs and wrapped my presents for Jazzie and her little siblings. She had three little brothers and two sisters. I only had Sara, I don’t know how she's so calm all the time, personally, I would go crazy, but then again, jazzie is crazy, but I love her so it’s okay. I laughed to myself thinking about everything stupid that we have done together, she's an awesome best friend. I put the neatly wrapped and labeled presents, under the tree. I stepped back to look at my workmanship. "Looking good" niall said as he hugged me from behind, scaring me a little. "Yeah I take pride in my present wrapping skills" I said jokingly. "Oh, I was talking about you, but yeah, the presents look nice too" he laughed. "Niall!" I said embarrassed. I turned around and scowled at him, and he pouted back. It made me laugh for some reason and I went and plugged in the tree. "Oh, it looks so pretty!" I said looking at the brightly lit tree. I looked over at Niall who was smiling just as bright as the lights on the tree. I smiled too just looking at him. "Hey! Let’s call Lou and wish him a happy birthday!" Niall said whipping out his phone. I agreed and we called Lou and sang happy birthday over the phone, Louis was very happy. After we hung up I heard my mom say "Could one of you help me for a second." She was pulling something out of the oven. "I WILL!" niall said and ran over to her. "Um, no, bad idea, he'd eat it all before it got to the counter" I said pretending to be serious. Niall rolled his eyes and my mom laughed, because it was true. My mom had to go grocery shopping three times in the past week, but she didn't mind because she liked him so much, which made me very happy.


Time flew by while we were getting ready for our Christmas party with the Walker's. It was soon six thirty and they were knocking on our door. "Hi! Come on in" I said and opened the door. I gave Jazzie a hug and took everyone's coats. "Hey there Harry" I said and gave him a hug. "What’s it like over at her house" I said. He pretended to say "help me" then jazzie elbowed him. I couldn't help but laugh. "Hey mate! Long time no see!" Niall said running towards Harry. Brianna, Jazzes’ youngest sister who was a toddler, ran up to me and I picked her up and held her on my hip. "Can we do presents first?" Brianna asked me. "I don’t know, why don’t you go ask my mom, hmm?" I told her and put her down. Harry took Jazzes’ hand and they walked to the kitchen, I wanted my mom to meet him. Niall followed us. "Mom, this is Harry Styles, Jazzes’ boyfriend" I said putting the emphasis on the boyfriend part trying to give niall hint. He didn’t get it. "Nice to meet you harry, I’m Katie's mom, Mrs. Reed" she shook his hand. Harry nodded and they went over to the couch and sat down by the tree. "So that’s harry" my mom said. Niall smiled and nodded, "yeah, he's a good guy." My mom looked at niall and said "so are you" she said. I got a little frustrated. Even my mom saw how perfect he was, and jazzie thought we would be cute together and so did Liam and Lou. Was he blind or did he not like me as much as I liked him, didn’t he say he had something planned for tomorrow? Either way, I was determined to have a fun Christmas. 


By popular demand, we opened presents first. This year our parents decided with the Walkers that they wouldn’t get anything for each other since there were so many kids. Brianna was so excited about her peeing doll that she didn’t care to wait around for anyone else to open theirs. I looked over at Harry, it was totally obvious that he got it for her. He was very proud. Niall couldn't stop laughing, and everyone knows his laugh is contagious. Harry reached into his pocket and then handed Jazzie her gift, "here you go my love, hope you like it". Jazzie opened up the little silver box with their names etched on it. She clasped her hands over her mouth and the bracelet fell into her lap. She leaned over and gave harry a big hug. He took her hand and put it on her. It was a linked bracelet with a word on each piece, she showed it to me, and “You’re The Love of My Life". He kissed her cheek and then pulled away and said, "I love you". Jazzie got chocked up and said, "I love you too" trough her tears. She stood up and dismissed herself so she could go and wipe her tears. I smiled at harry, "you just made her the happiest girl in the world" I said. Harry smiled and got up to go find her. 


I looked over at Niall who looked very sad. "What?" I said. He looked at me very perplexed then said, "How am I supposed to top that?" I told him that it didn't matter whose gift was better, it’s the thought that counts in my book. "I didn't know we were doing two Christmas until last night so I while your family was out getting a tree I told your mom what I wanted to get you and she went and got it, but I guarantee you’re going to love your real gift tomorrow." Niall sighed and handed me something from under the tree. He handed me a small box. I slowly unwrapped the silver paper. I opened up the lid and inside was two silver metal guitar picks. One said "forever and always" the other one said "I promise". I smiled and rubbed my finger over the cold metal. "Its perfect, thank you" I gave him a hug. I held on to him and felt his heart beating and put my head on his chest. "Here, which one do you want?" he said pointing to the necklaces. I pointed to the one that said, "Forever and Always" and he picked it up and put it around my neck and I put the "I promise" around him. "Really, Thank you Niall, How did you even think of this?" I said holding his hand on my lap. "Well, you said you’re sentimental, and you know, "forever and always, I promise" is kind of our thing" he said gleaming from ear to ear knowing how much I loved the gift. I slowly started to remember that everyone else was in the room. I looked over to my mom who was like crying and my sister was actually quiet for once. Jazzie was smiling and cuddled up by Harry’s side looking at me and niall and smiling about or little moment. I squeezed Naill’s hand, "okay, now your turn". I handed him his present and all the other kids opened the rest of theirs. Niall opened it and looked at the pocket watch, "cool! Never had one of these before" he said and held it in his hand. "Open it!" I said! On the inside of the lid there was an engraving on it that read, "To Niall ~ 12/12/12, the day we met" Niall smiled and said, "guess were both sentimental people" he smiled and gave me a hug. "I really really love it" he whispered in my ear. The rest of the night was fun, we ate dinner and played games and admired our gifts. It was the best Christmas Eve ever. 


I was in bed that night listening to my iPod, when I heard a knock on my door. "Come in" I whispered because, it was midnight. Niall stood in the doorway with his hands behind his back, "Hey." I looked up and smiled back, "hi." He came in and sat at the edge of the bed. He pulled out a plate from behind him. The plate had a neatly arrange pattern of chocolate and strawberries. "You said you liked snacks" he said sheepishly. "You got that right!" I said and grabbed a strawberry and shoved it in my mouth. Niall laughed and started eating. "I want to show you something" I said and got up and went to my dresser. I pulled a small cardboard box and handed it to him. "Open it" I said. Inside were a bunch of pictures, the first necklace he gave me, and a CD he made of him and I messing around in the recording studio one day. Niall looked through the pictures and smiled at each one. "You kept all this?" he said happily. I nodded, "Want to take a listen to this CD?" he said as he picked it up and put it in my computer and plugged in my ear buds. I cringed knowing that I probably sounded horrible. He hit play and our version of "I would" came on. We actually didn't sound too bad. Most of the songs on the CD were acoustic and they sounded really nice. I remembered back to the night we made the CD, dancing around the studio and singing and niall playing the guitar and letting me play too. On a few of the songs the other boys joined in too. That was an awesome night. Niall and I laughed and jammed along silently while sitting on my bed eating chocolate and strawberries and looking through our pictures. It was about two in the morning when I started to fall asleep when we got to the song "little things". I lay down and niall stroked my hair and hummed along. "Maybe you’ll love yourself, like I love you" he sang then cleaned up the plate and pictures across the bed, put them on my dresser and then he tucked me in. "night princess, its 2:30am so, Merry Christmas" he said and turned off the light and left. I smiled and closed my eyes, rolled over, and fell asleep. 





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