They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


16. Chapter 16


"Wake up, Katie!" Sara said as she shook my shoulder, "were getting the tree today!" Sara smiled at me. I sat up and then got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. "Morning dear" my dad said when I came dad. "Hey dad" I said as I poured a bowl of cereal. "Niall left a note for you" my mom said and stood up from the table. I took the note and read it out loud. 

"Harry picked me up with Jazzes’ car, we are going shopping for Christmas presents. I didn't want to wake you up; you and your sister were fast asleep. Your dad said there aren't many people out shopping in the mornings and no one knows we're here, so fan traffic shouldn't be a problem today, so I should be back a little after lunch. If you need me, text me. 



I smiled, folded the note, and put it in my pocket. I called Jazzie and told her what my note said. She sad hers said almost the same thing. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and I really had no gifts either. My mom, Jazzie, her mom, Sara and I decided to go into town to shop also. I texted Niall to tell him. 


While in a store I ran into my friend. "Hey how are you!" She squealed and gave jazzie and me a hug. "Good thanks and you?" I said. She went on saying she was fine, and then she turned to Jazzie, "I heard you’re dating Harry Styles!" She said excitedly. Jazzie panicked and stared at me not knowing what to say. "Yup she is, they met at a concert." I said trying to mention nothing else. "And you and Niall are friends?" She cooed. "Yup, we are, we also met at the concert" I said walking away. "Oh ok, well, bye!" She said and waved. I smiled and hurried away with Jazzie.  "I think it's time to go home" I said quickly. Mrs. Walker and my mother nodded in agreement. Sara even understood that no one could know about the boys being here. We quickly finished our shopping and got in the car and drove home. There was a man with a camera at Jazzes’ house. Jazzie called Harry, "hey Hun, um, are you home yet? Oh good! Well don't leave, yeah, paparazzi, what should I do?" She said worriedly. I heard Harry coaching her on what to say and do. Jazzie hung up and said, "Here’s the plan, Niall's already at your house Katie, so we will drop you, your mom and sister off since there's no pap. At your place. Then mom and I will drive home and sneak in the back door and my dad’s going to ask them to leave and pretend I'm not home." We all nodded and followed the plan. We reached our house and my sister, mom, and I darted inside without looking back to say bye to Jazzie. I ran all around the house locking doors and closing the binds. I flopped down on the couch out of breath, by my dad and Niall. Niall looked at me and silently laughed, "First paparazzi encounter?" He said. I nodded and sighed. "Dad, I think it would be best if Niall and I stayed home while you guys get the tree" I said sadly. "We can send you pictures of them as we pick them out" Sara said hopefully. Niall smiled, "good idea Sara".  Sara smiled proudly, "well than, we should get going, we will keep you updated" my dad said as he grabbed his winter coat. "Mom, I think Niall and I will plan Jazzes’ party while you guys are out. My mom smiled and said "okay" as they walked out the door. Niall and I got right to planning Jazzes’ 18th birthday party. We obviously couldn't have too many people there because Harry and Niall would be there; the party had to be secretive. We figured that her mom, dad, little brother, Harry, Niall, my mom, my dad, Sara, and I would be there. That made about nine people. I felt bad that no one else would be there but, that’s what happens when you get a mega super star boyfriend. Niall and I set up our basement in her favorite colors, purple and blue streamers, balloons, and her presents. It was funny how the upstairs was totally ready for Christmas and the downstairs was all ready for a birthday party. Niall and I went online to order her a cake. "Make sure it’s really big" he said as I scrolled through the size options. "Well there are 14 of us" I said. He laughed, "My dear, I count as three people" he joked.


Through the rest of the evening I received picture messages from my dad, big trees, fat trees, small ones, and skinny ones. Niall was very picky and it took about eight tries before we found a tree we could all agree on. "I take Christmas plans very seriously, everything has to be perfect this year" he said as he poked my nose. I could tell he was trying to tell me something, I just couldn’t figure out what. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and the Walker family was coming over to open their presents. We have had that tradition since the year they moved that our families would spend Christmas Eve together like it was Christmas day, only this time, Niall and Harry would be joining us. I walked over to the fire place and went to light it, but soon realized there was no wood. I slipped my boots on and went to go to the shed for some more wood. "Where you goin'?" Niall asked and got up off the couch. "To get wood for a fire" I said. Niall ran over to me and gave me his sweat shirt and we walked outside together. "Thanks" I smiled. He opened the shed door for me and I got as much as I could carry and he grabbed a few logs too. He ran up ahead to the house and opened the door, "after you princess" he smiled. I laughed and walked inside. We lit the fire and snuggled up on the couch and watched "it’s a wonderful life" till my family got home. "WERE HOME!" my little sister yelled and ran through the door. "Come look at the tree!" she squealed. Niall sprung up and ran to help my dad unload it from the back of the truck. My mom, Sara, and I went downstairs to get the boxes of ornaments and lights.  We all started to fix up the tree and decorate it. We all danced around to Christmas music and niall danced around with Sara, making her the happiest eight year old in the world. We drank hot chocolate and sang songs.


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