They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


15. Chapter 15


I got up early and packed up our hotel room and since everyone was still sleeping I went downstairs to get some coffee for all of us. "Hey! You’re that girl that went to the ball with Niall!" I heard. I spun around on my heel and saw a teenage girl staring at me. I got nervous and nodded. "You’re really pretty!" She said. I smiled and said thank you. "Is Niall with you?" She asked. “No, no he's not" I said and kept walking. She frowned and mumbled something she ran after me and asked for my autograph. I was a little nervous because I didn't want people knowing my last name, but I couldn't say no. She pulled out a pen and paper and handed it to me expectantly. "So are you his girlfriend" she asked as I signed her notebook. "No, he's just a friend" I said and smiled. "We'll if you see him again tell him I said hi" and she ran away. I took a deep breath and walked into the coffee shop. I got paranoid every time someone looked at me. I got 10 drinks and put them in the bag and paid, then went back to our rooms. I unlocked the door and pulled out the drinks. Everyone was still asleep and I went into the room jointed to ours. I opened the unlocked door. "Morning" I whispered, and sat down their three coffees on the table. Liam, Niall, and Zayn were fast asleep in their beds. If they didn’t wake up soon we would miss our flight. I went to harry and Lou's door. I knocked and the Harry opened the door, "hey, I bought coffee" I said and handed him the two drinks. He said thanks and I went to Eleanor's room. I dropped off theirs and went back upstairs. Jazzie was up and cleaning the room. "Hey, thanks for the drink" she said and took a sip. I nodded and packed up my suit case and snuck out to the bus. I cleaned up the whole bus, it was absolutely gross. I cleaned Harry and Lou's room, Niall and Liam and Zayn's room, then Jazzie and I's. Once the bus was clean I texted Niall and asked when they were coming down. After a few minutes he said they were all on their way. I went and met them outside. Paul took the suitcases and loaded them on. We all sat down at the kitchen table for the morning meeting. "Okay so today, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Eleanor are going home to UK. Danielle and Perrie you two staying here for the week right?" Paul confirmed. Everyone nodded in agreement with Paul. "Harry, Jasmine, Katie, and Niall were driving you to Pennsylvania then after a week, we are going to pick you up with Danielle and Perrie then head to UK to meet up with the rest of the boy’s right?" I smiled and said; "Yup sounds right" I said and looked to Niall who nodded. Perrie and Danielle said their goodbyes to us and left and drove off in their cars. We had three hours till we reached the air port to drop off Liam, Zayn, and Lou. I went to my room and called my mom and told her I would be home by dinner. My mom was so excited to see me, I missed her so much. We had a nice long conversation. Niall came in and told me we were at the airport. I came out to say goodbye to the boys. I gave Liam a hug then Zayn. "See you in a week darlin" Lou said and I gave me a big hug. "Bye boys, see you soon!" Jazzie said and we waved. 




Now it was just Harry, Jazzie, Niall, and I on the bus. We would be home in about one hour. "Katie, could you give me your address so I can put it on the GPS?" The bus driver asked me. I went over and typed it in. "So what hotel are you guys staying at?" Jazzie asked the boys. "Not sure yet, we gotta see what's in the area" Niall said as he scrolled through his phone. "Yeah, how far away do you two live from each other" harry questioned. "Is this right" niall showed me the map on his phone. Jazzie and I lived about ten minutes away from each other but the closest hotel was about thirty minutes away. "10 min, your phone is right, closest hotel is 30 min. away" I sighed. "We can work this out later, let’s just get you home first" Harry said. I smiled and nodded. We finally reached our little town. I stood up and ran to the window. All the people had their lights up and there was a small dusting of snow on the ground. We got to Jazzes’ house first and we all went inside. "Mom, I'm home" Jazzie yelled when she opened the door. Her parents came running over and gave her a huge hug. "Hi Mr. and Mrs. Walker" I smiled and said. They included me in there family hug. "And you must be Harry" Mrs. Walker said. Harry nodded and shook her hand. "Yes mam" he smiled. Mr. Walker smiled and shook Harry's hand also, "welcome son, good to have you. We have a guest bedroom downstairs if you don't feel like going to the hotel." Mr. Walker said. Harry got real happy and expressed his thanks. Niall and I said goodbye and see you later to Jazzie and we went back on the bus. I was so excited to be back. We pulled onto my street and Niall pulled out our luggage. The driver dropped us off and we waved as he drove away. I walked up to my door and knocked. I heard footsteps coming and the sound of the door bolt unlocking. "Katie!" My mom squealed, I stepped inside and she gave me a huge hug. "Sara come here, your sister’s home!" My mom yelled up the stairs. Sara came running down and I picked her up and spun her around. My sister was eight years old and was like another best friend. I kissed her head as I put her down. Niall was still standing outside the doorway I motioned for him to come in. He sheepishly walked in and Sara tugged on my arm. "Is that....?" She whispered excitedly. I smiled and nodded, Sara was also a one direction fan, she knew their names and most of the songs, and I trained her. I laughed as she ran over and gave him a big hug. Niall squatted down to her level. "I'm Sara, I'm Katie's little sister" she squealed. Niall laughed and said, "good to meet you little Lassie" he said in his Irish accent. I looked over to my mom who had her hand over her heart with the "awwww" look on her face. Niall stood up and stuck out his hand, "I'm Niall, Niall Horan" he said as he shook my mom’s hand. My mom smiled and gave him a hug, I laughed then took my stuff to my room. Niall tagged along, so did Sara. "Cool room" Niall said. "Thanks" I took pride in my room, it had lights lining the ceiling and movie theater theme. I tossed my suitcase up onto my bed. "How about some dinner hmm?" I asked. Niall nodded we went downstairs. My sister started helping my mom set the table. "Katie, get the cups please" my mom said. I got the cups and laid them out on the table. "What do you want to drink" I asked Niall. "Water is good" he smiled. "I'll get it for you Niall!" My sister said as she took Niall's glass and went to the kitchen. "I think Sara's a little star struck" I laughed. "Just a wee bit" Niall laughed. We all sat down at the table, "where's dad?" I asked my mom. "He had a late meeting at work, he should be home soon" my mom answered as she passed the food. "So Niall, tell us a little about yourself" my mom said. Niall looked over at me, "ummmm, well" he murmured. I nudged his side, "no need to be nervous, it's just my mom" I whispered. He looked right at me like I was crazy, "um, that makes it all more nerve racking, I want to make a good first impression" he whispered back. I smiled and patted his hand. "Ok, I'll tell you about him" I smiled. "I could" my sister piped up. "Really?" Niall laughed. "Yaah!" She said confidently. "Well this should be good" I rolled my eyes. Sara sat up real straight and said, "ok, your nineteen, not naturally blonde, Irish, play guitar, funny, eat a lot, don't have tattoos, favorite restaurant is Nandos, and everyone calls you a snowflake for some reason". My mom stared at Sara in shock. "Well, this is awkward" Niall joked. We all laughed then enjoyed the rest of our dinner. Niall and I went for a walk while my mom and Sara did the dishes, apparently my mother wanted to talk to her. I put on my hat and boots and we went out. The snow was falling and the Christmas lights added to the glowing effect. Niall held my hand and we walked around the block. I got text from Harry, he asked if Niall was still staying at the hotel by himself or if he was staying with us. I totally forgot to ask. We headed back and he put his arm around my shoulder, "this is perfect" he said. "Forever and always" I said. He smiled and looked at me, "I promise". 



"We're back" I said as I opened the door. "Katie, dad’s home!" Sara yelled as she came running to me. I was so excited to see my dad. "DAD!" I said. My dad got off the couch and gave me a hug. "Hi sweetie, I missed you!" He said. I smiled and introduced dad to Niall. "Hi Mr. Reed, I’m Niall" Niall said and shook my dad’s hand. "Please, call me John" my dad said. "Katie could you come here for a moment please" my mom said. I went upstairs to talk to my mom. I went in her room and sat on the bed. "Where's Niall staying?" She asked. "He was planning on going to the hotel" I said hoping she'd offer other arrangements. My mom scowled, "that's so far, and you know it's not a good idea for him to be by himself. Do you think he would mind staying here?" mom said. I smiled, "of course not". My mom went downstairs to talk to my dad and Niall. I texted Harry back and told him that Niall would be staying with us. Harry replied within a few seconds, then I went downstairs. "Thanks so much Mrs. Reed." Niall said as I walked around the corner. Sara, who hasn't left Niall's side since we got here, was clapping excitedly. I rolled my eyes and went over and hugged my dad, "thanks dad". He winked at me and went upstairs. "Up for a little golf challenge on the Wii" I said and pushed him onto the couch. "Oh you bet!" He said and I handed him a remote. "I'm warning you, I'm very talented at fake golf" I laughed. We played for a good hour, I won two rounds and he won two. "Well then, someday I’ll take you out for a tie breaker on a REAL course" he said and gave me a hug. "You golf?" My dad said surprised as he walked into the room. Niall nodded and smiled. My dad seemed impressed, which made Niall happy. "Hey dad, the 26th is Jazzes’ birthday. Could we throw a small get together here at the house?" My dad nodded, "that would probably be okay, but ask your mother first". I said ok and I showed Niall to the guest bedroom. "Your family is nice" he said. I opened the door to the bedroom, "thanks, their odd, but you know, I love em'" Niall laughed, "wait till you meet my side, if they don't scare you, nothing will" he joked. He opened up his suitcase and pulled out his pajamas. "I'm going to my room, be right back" I said. I closed the door as I left so he could change. My room was directly across from his. I stepped into my sweats and t-shirt and grabbed my guitar. 

"Hey, can I come in?" Sara knocked on my door. "Yeah of course" I said and put my guitar down and opened the door. "You ok Sara?" I asked her and patted the bed. She ran and hopped up with her back facing the door. She looked at me sweetly, "what?" I said sitting to face her. "What’s it like being with the boys?" She said. I thought about it, then handed her my phone and showed her my pictures. She scrolled through the time I met them on the airplane, the jingle ball, and some random ones from the bus. "They are normal guys Hun, well except Lou, He's pretty out there" I said jokingly. Sara laughed. "I can't tell my friends about him being here can I?"  She said sadly pointing to his room. I shook my head no. "It's for the best" I said to reassure her. "What's he like, for real?" She said still looking at my phone. I saw Niall standing in the door, he looked at me and waited for me to answer Sara's question. "Niall's perfect. He's funny, sweet, and caring." I said looking right at him. "Does he really eat as much as the magazines say?" Sara said. Niall covered his mouth to keep from laughing, but not me, I cracked up, "yes, yes he does" I said and kept laughing. "Ok one more question, does he ever sing to you?" She asked sweetly. I looked up at Niall, "why don't you ask him yourself" I said as Niall sneaked up behind her and tickled her. Sara giggled but then blushed knowing he heard the conversation. "Name a song, kiddo" he said picking up my guitar off my stand. Sara's face lit up and thought about it then said, "I want". Niall nodded and started playing it on the guitar, "I'm going to need some help with the words" he said to her and winked at me. Sara laughed then starts singing along. After a few songs Sara fell asleep and I tucked her in my bed. Niall started strumming they don't know about us" and sang quietly. He sat beside me at the foot of my bed, 


"They don't know about the things we do,


They don't know about the I love you's.


But I betcha if they only knew,


They would just be jealous of us." 


I nodded in agreement with the song, and he did too. After the song he put my guitar back and we went downstairs and sat down on the couch with my mom and dad. They were watching a movie and we joined them. I cuddled up by Niall and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I sighed and took in the moment. "We're getting a Christmas tree tomorrow, Niall you are more than welcome to join us" my dad said. "Cool, thanks" Niall smiled. I was glad my family liked him so much. After about an hour into the movie I felt Niall dozing off. "Hey, you can go to bed if you want" I said. He was obviously tired because he agreed to my offer. He stood up and said goodnight to my parents and then to me. "Goodnight princess" he said and kissed my forehead. I smiled and said goodnight back. Niall went upstairs and my parents stared at me. "Katie, your right, he is perfect" my mom said. I giggled, "I know right!" I said. My dad nodded in approval. I watched the rest of the movie then went to my room and got in bed by my little sister. I stared at the ceiling thinking, about this past month. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve Eve then the day after Jazzes’ birthday we were off to the Ireland. I fell asleep thinking about how awesome this Christmas was going to be. 



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