They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


14. Chapter 14


I unlocked the bus and got Jazzes’ and my dresses. I walked back to our room. Jazzie was sprawled across the bed kind of squealing silently. I smiled, "oh goodness, I heard the whole thing! Yah I eavesdropped, congratulations! You are Harry styles girlfriend!" We squealed together, we got dressed and ready for tonight, while getting ready I told her about Niall's conversation with me. "So are you two dating?" She asked, "no, but we really care about each other and right now for us, that's all that matters really" I said sweetly. "Oh" Jazzie nodded. "He's so good to you, I’m really happy for you Katie, I hope you two work out, I hope someday you become his princess" Jazzie winked. I smiled and thought about it. We kept getting ready. Paul knocked on our door and told us we had 20 min. before we had to go. We put on the finishing touches. We looked great, not to formal, but just right. There was another knock at our door, "it's unlocked, c’mon in" Jazzie yelled from the bathroom. Niall walked in wearing his suit. I walked over to greet him. "Hey it's time to.... Oh wow, you are gorgeous!" Niall said. He took my hand and twirled me around. "Thanks, you’re looking rather sharp yourself." I said as I straightened his tie. "No really, you look, wow," he said. I smiled and Jazzie walked out just as Harry walked in. "Look at my beautiful girl" he said, Jazzie smiled, "well, should we go?" I said. We headed to the car. Liam, Zayn, Lou, Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor were already at the car. "Hi, you all look great" I said as I gave Danielle a hug. "Aw thanks, you both look stunning!" Perrie said. She gave Jazzie a quick hug and we all got in the car. Although I had a talk with Niall about tonight, I was still nervous. Since Jazzie and Harry were official it didn't really matter to her what people thought, but because Niall didn't really know yet, rumors and lies would be spread. Perrie looked over at me and patted my hand. "Its ok hon, you have a good time, don't let anyone change that" I smiled at her than said thanks. Niall put his hand on my knee, and whispered "forever and always," Then I smiled remembering our conversation, "I promise" I finished, he winked and smiled and suddenly felt better. We pulled up to the drop off Paul got out and got ready for the boys to get out, he opened the door. Harry and Jazzie went first, he grabbed her hand and they got out. Liam and Danielle were next, then Zayn and Perrie, and Lou and Eleanor. Niall got out of the car and held his hand out and I took it and got out as well. "It's just you and me" he whispered as we walked past the cameras. I put on a smile and we walked arm in arm down the carpet. I soon relaxed, we got to the interview room, and they boys sat down and Jazzie and I stood at the side and watched. It was a great night, the boys preformed two of their songs and there was a small dance at the end on stage. It was fun, I can't really dance and neither can niall, so we looked stupid together. Jazzie and harry were having fun, she was always a way better dancer then I was. It came time for the slow dance and I was happy because you didn't really need to know how to dance for it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head down. He hugged me and we just swayed back and forth. The dance was over and it was time for the late night interview.


"We are here with One Direction!" He boomed across the room. The interview went on and it was cool. Then he asked Harry about Jazzie. He looked at her from across the room and she nodded. "She's my girlfriend" he smiled proudly. The interviewer asked a few more questions to the other boys but then said, "Niall, who was your lovely date?" Niall didn't even hesitate, "just that, my date. We are good friends." He smiled and sent me a quick wink. I smiled back and everyone looked at us like we were crazy, Niall just laughed it off. The interview was over and we headed to the hotel. 


I practically ran to my room to take of my stupid heels. I'm 5"2', I was short but compared to Nialler I didn't look to short. With my shoes tonight we were almost the same height. I unlocked the hotel room door and kicked off my shoes. I put on my sweat pants and I put on my tank top. I forgot my pj's on the bus. I went to zayn and niall's room, "uh my clothes are on the bus, can I borrow a shirt for tonight?" I said. Niall went to his suitcase a picked one out for me, he tossed the white long sleeved shirt in my direction. "Thanks" I said and put it on top of my tank top. "No problem" he said and he pat my head and walked by. I went into his bathroom and took down my fancy hair and pulled it back into a pony tail. "Don't you look comfy" zayn said. "We're heading to the coffee shop on the third floor, want anything?" Zayn asked. "Sure grab me wherever you think I'd like" I laughed. He gave a quick nod and niall, Lou, and Liam joined him.  I texted Eleanor and asked if I could come visit their room. She said of course, I went to their room. Jazzie and Harry went out for ice cream and I assumed wouldn't be back for a while. I walked down the hall to her room. She was waiting for me at the door. "C’mon in dear" she smiled. "So did you have fun tonight?" Perrie asked. Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor shared a room. "Oh yes! It was amazing" I said. "That's good" she said. "Ok I think we all want to know what's up with you and Niall" Danielle said. I told them about my earlier conversation with Niall about our "forever and always, promise" they all went, "aww" and I smiled. The girls and I talked about our Christmas plans. Perrie got a call from zayn then she hung up. "Zayn is coming down, he said you left" Perrie said. "Oh! Whoops," I said and stood up. I opened the door just in time to see him standing holding my drink. "Sorry, but thanks" I said and took the drink. "It's alright, gives me an excuse to come talk my girl" he said and gave Perrie a big hug. Zayn texted Lou and Liam and Niall and they all came down to the room. "Guess Eleanor's room is the place to be" Liam laughed when he arrived dressed in his pajamas. It was a super fun night and we played games and sang songs. After a while we all got tired and Niall walked me back to my room. I gave him a hug and said goodnight. As I was closing the door he said, "Wait, and promise me something." He said sincerely. "What" I said. "Don't go online tonight, ok, there are rumors out now and you and I know their fake, but just save yourself the trouble, ok?" He said taking my hand. "I promise, thanks for looking out for me Niall, you’re the best." I said and kissed his cheek. He smiled then went to his room. I texted Jazzie and she said they were on their way back but not to wait up. I responded and said that I'm going to bed. I lied down and snuggled up in bed. I dozed off but kept the light on so Jazzie could see when she came in. I was asleep but then I heard talking on the other side of my door. I listened, it was Jazzie and Harry. "Goodnight beautiful" harry said. "Night Harry, thanks for a wonderful evening" she said. Jazzie opened the door and I squinted my eyes closed so they didn't see I was awake. I peeked my eyes open as he gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. Jazzie smiled and said goodnight and walked in our room. I sat up and said, "Your floating on cloud nine aren't you?" I made her jump because she thought I was asleep. "Oh Katie, he's wonderful." She said and she lay down on the bed. After a few minutes of talking we both fell asleep. We had a big day of travel tomorrow, we were hearing home for Christmas. 


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