Little Things

Lizze was always close to her brother, Niall. When they're parents split Niall went with their mom while Lizze when with their Dad. What happened when 14 years later they meet up again. Will Lizzie still be close to her brother or will another band member steal her away.


6. Chapter 6

Connor's POV

Seeing Lizzie after fourteen years was a shock. She was no longer the little girl who would follow Niall and me round begging us to let her play, she was a beautiful young woman. The second she stepped in the room she took all my attention, her light blue eyes shone the second she saw me. I felt something in my heart that I had never felt before when she hugged me.

Niall shot me a smirk. mouthing "I knew it."

I blushed deeply, was it true? Did I like Lizzie?

"Come on Connor." Lizzie smiled grabbing my hand. "Let's go exploring."

"That sounds awesome." I laughed. "I got to take you somewhere secret."

Lizzie giggle excitedly. We started towards the door when I spotted one of Niall's friends, Zayn standing at the doorway glowering at me. I stopped locking my gaze on his.

"What do you want?" Zayn growled stepping forward his dark brown eyes blazing. Lizzie's hand tighten around mine slightly before she slipped it out of mine and stood between Zayn and I. 

"What's your problem Zayn?" She asked. "Connor is just a friend of mine. Just like you are my friend."

My heart felt liked it dropped into my stomach, just a friend. I slacked my grip as Lizzie slipped out of my hold, giving Zayn a hug. 

"Thanks Lizzie." Zayn sighed hugging her tight. 

"Come on Connor." She said grabbing my hand again, but this time it felt different. Just friends, is that all I was to her, a friend? She looked up at me, her bright blue eyes flashing just like they had that last night fourteen years ago. My heart stopped and I knew. I was in love.


Zayn's POV

I watched as Lizzie and Connor walked out the door. Niall watched them with longing eyes. I walked over and stood next to him. "You better keep an eye on them."

Niall shot me a look, "Why? I trust Connor and I know he likes Lizzie."

I closed my eyes tight for  second, taking a deep breath. "But does Lizzie like him?"

Niall looked off thoughtfully, "I don't know, she did when she was younger."

I let out a silent growl. "I got to go."

I slipped quickly out of the room, Lizzie will be mine and Connor will not get in my way. I hurried up to my room, this plan would get Lizzie for sure.

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