Little Things

Lizze was always close to her brother, Niall. When they're parents split Niall went with their mom while Lizze when with their Dad. What happened when 14 years later they meet up again. Will Lizzie still be close to her brother or will another band member steal her away.


5. Chapter 5

Lizzie's POV

I eye Zayn for a little but while I unpack my bags. His dark hair was slightly messy, but in a cute way. His hair framed his face perfectly, his chocolate brown eyes could easily melt a girl. His smile was soft though, different then his bad boy look. I put away my last shirt and stood up. "That's the last of it." 

Zayn stood up and walked over. "Good, now-" He was interrupted by a call from down stairs. "Lizzie come down here." Niall called. "I got a surprise." 

I brushed past Zayn rushing down the stairs jumping down the last two like I do every time I go down the stairs. I walk into the hall where Niall was standing with a familiar boy. He has light brown hair, with blond highlights. His green eyes flashed like emeralds as he looked at me. "Lizzie is that you."

I let out a cry of joy. "Oh my god it's Connor." I ran over literally jumping into his arms. I hadn't seen Connor since that night in the treehouse, fourteen years ago. "I've missed you so much." I whispered my head buried in the crock of his neck.

He spun my around laughing. "I've missed you too Lizzie." He set me down gently, but he put his arm around me giving me a goofy smile. 

The same goofy smile that I had seen in my dreams for years. I wasn't going to lie, I had always had a crush on Connor, ever since I was three. Seeing him now made my heartbeat fast and I could swear I was blushing. 

Niall smiled brightly standing across from us. He had known about my crush on Connor and I could swear his smile was a smirk. "Was it a good surprise?" 

"You could have told me Lizzie was here." Connor smiled squealing me lightly. "She was always the cutest girl in the room."

"I'm the only girl in the room." I protested, but the comment still made my cheeks turn even redder. 

A movement in the doorway caught my eye. I turned to see Zayn standing there, a dark look in his eyes. What was up with him?







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