Little Things

Lizze was always close to her brother, Niall. When they're parents split Niall went with their mom while Lizze when with their Dad. What happened when 14 years later they meet up again. Will Lizzie still be close to her brother or will another band member steal her away.


4. Chapter 4

Lizzie's POV

I lean back as Niall and Zayn whisper next to me. "So Lizzie?" I turn to see Zayn looking at me. "So what?" "You er-ok with being in the spotlight?" "Oh course." I giggle. Niall's not the only musical one." 

"Really?" Zayn asked. I nod. "I've been playing guitar and singing almost as long Niall." "Not as good as me though." Niall said from the other side of the seat. "Not a chance." I said. "You bet?" Niall said raising his eyebrow. "I know so." I challenged.

"Looks like we got a sing-off tomorrow." Zayn grinned as the car pulled up to a giant house. I hop out of the car. "I'm going to go chose a room can you two manage my stuff?" They nod and I hurry up to the door. I try to open the door but it was locked. "Stupid boys." I giggle knocking on the door. "Coming.." A voice called from inside. He sounded almost... British? The door opened to revel a brown haired boy munching on a carrot with another on in his hand. "Who are you?" He asked. 

I grab the one in his hand walking into the house. "I'm Lizzie." "Um hey Lizzie." He muttered looking at his carrot in my hand. "But why are you here this is private property?"

"Hey Louis." Niall called as he and Zayn came in. "I see you met my sister, Lizzie." "Your sister?" Louis stuttered. "Stole my carrot." "And it is yummy." I smiled taking a bite. Louis muttered something before leaving the room. "Is there only three of you?" I asked. "Dad said there was five." 

"Harry and Liam are somewhere." Niall said. "Zayn you help Lizzie with her bags." 

Zayn nodded his chocolate brown eyes sparkling. "Follow me." Zayn lead me up the stairs. "You'll be staying with Niall and me in my room, is that ok?" I nod.

Zayn opened a door on the left side. I hurried in to see a curly haired boy sitting with a guy with a buzz cut.  "Harry? Liam?" Zayn exclaimed walking in. "What are you two doing in my room?" 

"Your room?" the buzz cut one said. "This is Niall's room." "And mine." I protested walking in. "Who's that?" The buzz cut asked. "I'm Lizzie, Niall's sister." I said holding out my hand. 

"Hey." The curly haired one said rushing over giving me a hug. "I'm Harry."

"So you must be Liam." I said turning to the buzz cut one. "Yep." He grinned giving him a hug. I gave him a hug. 

Out of the corner of my eye I say Zayn glower at Liam. "Bye." Zayn said pushing Liam and Harry out. "I got to help Lizzie settle in." 

Why was Zayn kicking them out of our room. 

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