Little Things

Lizze was always close to her brother, Niall. When they're parents split Niall went with their mom while Lizze when with their Dad. What happened when 14 years later they meet up again. Will Lizzie still be close to her brother or will another band member steal her away.


3. Chapter 3 (14 years later)

Lizzie's POV

"But Dad." I sigh collapsing on our couch. "Why can't I come with you?" "You know why Sweetie." Dad smiled. "I can't drag you away from Ireland halfway across the world." "But I don't want to go live with Mom." I cry. "Your not." Dad said grabbing my green suitcase. "Your going to live with Niall."

I stopped complaining. I was going to go live with Niall. I hadn't seen him in ever. Sure we had visted once or twice after the divorce but we hadn't seen each other for at least eight years. "Really?" I cry. Dad nodded watching my face. "Thank you so much." I say giving him a hug. "This is going to be great." "Just to warn you." Dad said leading me to the car. "Niall's friends are staying with him too."

"So i'll be in a house with a couple guys?" I asked feeling my pulse speed up. "Five to be exact." I grin widely. "This is going to be the best move ever.

~Skip plane ride~

I hop off the plane and head for the baggage claim. "Hey." A voice called. I turn to see a tall tannish boy with a dark quiff walking over to me. "Do I know you?" I questioned. "I'm Zayn." He smiled. "One of Niall's friends." "I'm Lizzie." I said sticking out my hand. "Niall's sister." "We know." Zayn laughed. "Niall hasn't shut up about you since your dad called asking if you could move in with him." "Really?" I said blushing. Zayn nodded grabbing my bags. "Let's go. Niall's in the car and the rest of the boys are at home." 

"Why didn't Niall come in?" I ask as we head for the door. "The fans." Zayn said simple. "What fans?" I said confused. "You don't know?" Zayn said narrowing his dark eyes at me. "Know what?"

"We're One Direction." Zayn whispered. "That really big band." I guessed. Zayn nodded. "My brother." I said. "Niall. Is in a HUGE boy band." "With us." Zayn said leading me outside. "Which car is yours?" I asked. 

"Lizzie." I turn to see a older blond boy with sparkling blue eyes hop out of a limo. "It's great to see you again." "Niall?" I exclaim recognizing him. "I've missed you." He rushes over and grabbed me into a hug. "It's been too long you've gotten so tall." "I'm an inch shorter then you." I said messing his hair up. "What happened to your hair?" "It's blond now." He said. "What happened to yours?" "It stayed blond." I laughed. "Well." Zayn said coming up. "If you two are ready the boys are waiting." I grinned following my brother into the car. This was going to be the start of an amazing life. 

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