Little Things

Lizze was always close to her brother, Niall. When they're parents split Niall went with their mom while Lizze when with their Dad. What happened when 14 years later they meet up again. Will Lizzie still be close to her brother or will another band member steal her away.


2. Chapter 2

Lizzie's POV

"Um." I said slipping semi behind Niall. "What's up Mom Dad?" "We're." Mom said. "We're getting separated." "What!" I cried tears pricking at the corners of my eyes. "You can't." "Yea." Niall said. "We're one big happy family." "Niall." Dad said taking a step towards us. "We aren't and we haven't been for a long time." I lower my eyes. "Of course we aren't." Niall sighed. "But for a while up there." He pointed to our treehouse. "They're were no worries. No fighting. No separations. Just three friends hanging out." 

Tears were slipping down his face. "Have you told Greg?" I asked changing the subject. "Yes." Mom sighed. "And he and Niall are staying with me." "What about me?" I whimpered. "Your coming with me." Dad said taking my hand. "No." I shout grabbing onto Niall's shirt. "I'm staying with Niall." Niall wrapped his arms around me and nodded. "You guys are too young to understand." Dad said. "This is for your own good." 

"No." I cry shaking my head. "I'm staying." "Sweetie." Dad said taking my hand. "That was the deal. I get you while your mother gets your brothers." "But I don't want to leave Niall." I whimper clinging to Niall. "It's not forever." Dad said. "Only for a little while." "You promise i'll see Niall again?" I say looking straight into his eyes. "I promise." He said. "Ok." I sigh. I give Niall one last hug. "I'll see you Lizzie." "You too Niall." I whisper following Dad into the house for the last time.

Niall's POV

I watch Dad and Lizzie drive off. "Why does Dad get Lizzie?" I question Greg. "I don't know." Greg sighed. "She's only four so I guess he thought it was easier for her to move." "But she's my sister." I say. "And I don't want to lose her." "Your not." Greg sighed rolling over. "It's just for a little while."

I walk out of the room. Greg thought he was so smart just because he was eight. I head out to the treehouse. Just a few hours before Connor, Lizzie and I had been up there having the time of our lives. Now Lizzie was gone. "Hey." Connor called from the treehouse. "Where's Liz?" I sigh and climb up. "She's gone." I explain. "Gone?" Connor's green eyes darkened. "Where did she go?" "With Dad." I say leaning my head back. Connor remained quiet. "Why?" I turn my head to squint at him in the darkening light. 

"Why?" I question. "Yea, Why." Conner said. "Why did she go with your dad?" "Dad made her." I growled. Connor narrowed his eyes. "She wanted to stay?" I nod. "She even made Dad promise we would see one another again." "Well one day the three of us will come back up here and play our guitars together one last time." I smile at the thought. "We have to. If I have to say goodbye to my sister I want to say goodbye here." Connor nodded. He grabbed his pocketknife and carved into the side of the treehouse. 

                                      One Day The Three Of Us

                                     Will Come Back Up Here

                                     For One Last Guitar Day



I nod and head down the ladder. "Until then no one is to go back up there deal?" "Deal." Connor said before jogging back to his house. I look up at the star. "See you soon Lizzie." I say before heading back to my house.

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