The Goofballs Across the Street

Hannah, Nikole, Mariana, and Kynsie love Big Time Rush. Fans since the first episode promos. Nikole and Hannah are sisters, so the girls normally meet there. One day, Mariana and Kynsie have news of a moving truck at the house across the street. The girls rush our side and get a big time surprise. Big Time Rush has moved into the house across the street. Will they talk to them? Will the guys thing they are insane?


1. Surprise!

***Hannah's POV***

"HANNAH! NIKKI!" someone yells from behind the front door, pounding on the door.

"COMING!" I yell running to the door. "Hey!" I say when i get the door open. "Sorry, I was in the basement getting things ready for later tonight."

"Its okay! We came to help," Mariana says walking in, with Kynsie close behind.

"Really?" I ask.

"Yes! We want this to be perfect for Nikki!" Kynsie says.

"I'm just happy I convinced her to go get me some stuff," I sighed in relief.

"What's you have her get?" Mariana asks.

"A movie, and some carrots. I told her we'd just order a pizza and watch a movie of her choice. I also gave her $40 to spend on some stuff. Keep her busy ya know?" I say.

"I gotcha. So lets go decorate!" Kynsie says.

I lead the way to the stairs, and trot down with Mariana and Kynsie close behind. I get down the stairs, and stand at the bottom. The basement has a dark blue carpet over the hard wooden floor that was there. There's a flat screen TV on the back wall, with a couch in front of it along with gaming chairs and bean bags. We have a dart board, and movies, and games and a lot more. The walls are painted white, but there is an extra twist to the basement today. Party decorations! It's Nikki's birthday! I hung up the purple and red streamers already. There is a cluster of purple and green balloons in the corner, and another pack to be blown up.

"Someone was busy!" Kynsie says.

"I've been productive today," I smile. "Now, I got the banner. You guys got the balloons?"

"Wait, did you remember the-" Mariana starts.

"Yes, I got the spiderman plates. I remembered!" I smile.

"Good!" Kynsie and Mariana say. They walk over to the coffee table, and start to blow up balloons.

I walk over to the closet, where I've hidden all the decorations, and pull out the tape, and the 'Happy Birthday Nikki!' banner I've been drawing. It has purple and red bubble letters. I go over to the wall that you see when you turn into the basement, and hang it up there. I walk back and admire my work. I look down at my clothes, and see sparkles covering my body. Did i mention i covered the entire thing in glitter?

"Guys look! I'm a disco ball!" I say spinning around.

"Nice Miss Disco, now go change. She'll be here soon," Mariana laughs.

"KK!" I yell and bound up the stairs. I run to my room, and shake out my clothes. Vacuuming later! I get out my red skinny jeans, and my black and white American flag tank top. I slip those one and smile. I call this my James outfit! He wears this tank top on tour, and he had the red skinny jeans on in an old BTR episode. I slip on my zebra sandals, and run to my closet. I find m Kermit the Frog flat bill hat. Its fuzzy too! Nikki and I have matching ones. I smile to myself, and jog down the stairs. Halfway down, I almost trip, but grab the railing. I slowly walk down the stairs, then trip on the last step. I shake it off, and walk into the basement.

"Well, how much longer?" Kynsie asks excited.

"Well we need to hang up the balloons, then we need to set up the stereo, and the Wii from upstairs, and bring it down here. Who wants what job?" I ask.

"Wii!" Mariana says running past me upstairs.

"Stereo!" Kynsie says running over to the stereo.

"I guess i've got the lovely task of hanging up the balloons," I laugh. I walk over and grab the tape, then set it back down. i get the balloons, and rub them on the carpet, and stick them on the walls. I get this one in about 5 minutes. I laugh to myself, and run up the stairs to keep watch. I see the car pull into the driveway. "SHE'S HERE!!!" I yell.

I run down the stairs, and see Mariana and Kynsie looking for hiding places. I shut off the lights, and see the Christmas lights we keep up all year illuminate the basement. I give a small grin, then run to the pile of bean bags. i hide behind the pile, and listen for foot steps.

I hear Nikki throw her bags on the couch. I hear her footsteps as she looks for me around the house. "Hannah?" she calls through the house. I hear her footsteps come down the stairs, and her feet meet the bottom. I can tell she's on the carpet, because her steps stop. The light flicks on.

"SURPRISE!" Kynsie, Mariana and I all yell jumping out from out hiding spots.

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