Destiny Rings

When Sophia Carols literarily lands a hit on her crush, in fact right on his face. Destiny and Fate steps in and the romance begins. Follow Angel and Sophia's relationship through the twists and turns of fate as they discover the ture meaning of being truly destined for another.


3. 'The chase is on'


AFTER mulling over many possibilities for hours last night I had finally come to a conclusion of where to take Sophia on a date and when to ask. I wanted it to be casual and not to come on to full on the first time so I decided to take her to get ice-cream after school, after deciding to take her to the malt bar down the road from school I thought about how to ask her and decided on any time I could preferably as soon as possible because I just couldn’t wait,


Seeing her that morning for how ever brief second, glimpsing her beautiful face for just one second ignited a fire in my heart and I knew I had to ask her then. Breaking away from my group I lost sight of her for a second but spotted her again, her back was turned and she was hurrying out of the school gates, worried that she would not be coming back I broke into a run but as I reached the gates she was nowhere in sight. Disappointed I turned back in and rejoined my friends. Throughout the minutes before school I kept a sharp lookout for Sophia and was rewarded when I spotted her walking to the administration building with Mr. Pallpion. Once again breaking away from my group I rush over, suddenly Sophia turns away from Mr. Pallpion and pushes into a large group of girls they bunch tighter after she enters and I hear giggling and ohs-and-ahs, I smile to my self, could she really be avoiding me? Turning on the charm I swagger up to the girls and they all immediately turn to greet me, all of them except one who slowly turns around with the same expression as the one she wore as she sat on my lap on the floor of the gym yesterday afternoon. Brushing off the multiple hands that rested on my body. I turn my body square to Sophia’s, giving her my full attention. Her checks flush a light pink, another thing to add to the things I love about Sophia Carlos. Putting on my most charming smile I flash it at Sophia and say:

‘hey Sophia’

a chorus of ‘oh Sophia’s’ and ‘so-phiiii-aahhs’ break out around us and a few of my friends and their mates join the circle where Sophia and I stand.


she glances around nervously but no one comes to her aid so I  open my mouth to speak but she starts to turn away, but I catch her by the waist and draw her to me, cheers and wolf whistles erupt around from my mates but I keep my eyes locked on hers
‘I was wondering if…’ I start be am cut off by the ringing bell

Sophia darts out of my grasp but before she leaves she shouts to me over the commotion

‘gotta go, see you later!’

With the new hope that I might be able to actually ask her later I head off to class.




even though I had told angel that I was going to ‘see ya later’ I had absolutely no intention to see him or any one later and the only thing that was going to see my face for the next few hours was my tear soaked pillow. As I turn out  of the still open school gates I check over my shoulder then turning back to the road I glance right and left and cross over. As I scamper home  and ominous rain clouds rumble above me, I cuss at my self under my breath. A huge clap of thunder rumbles above me making me jump, but not nearly as much as what happens next. As the rain starts to pummel down on my head, soaking my hair and clothes I sign again for what feels like the billionth time this morning, great weather to match my moo…, I freeze as a warm, strong hand clamps down on my shoulder and spins me round to face them. my first thought is a kidnapper, why hasn’t he put a sack over my head? So I skip to the next possible person, Mr. Pallpion, no he hasn’t promised my all year lunch detention yet … so who could it be? But as I raise my eyes to meet the espresso brown eyes of my stalker I feel the blood drain from my face and my breakfast gurgle in my stomach, I know that they are a even worse possibility than I had first thought, I would honestly have rather been kidnaped and tired up in someone’s basement being feed bread and water and never have to face the world again , but sadly it isn’t, its angel Gallson, will you ever give up?!  I scream mentally. He looks taken back at the angry expression on  my face, I feel bad for a moment and then remember that he’s probably here to tease my and make me feel even more terrible about what I have, ergh what have I done?, taking a step closer and a deep breath he says:

‘ um Sophia I was wondering if you wanted to go for ice cream down the road after school tomorrow afternoon?’ he blushes and looks down at his

‘as In a date?’ I question curiously

‘sure! If um that’s what you want, or um yeah we could, ah, yeah…’  he stumbles over his words and blushes a deeper shade of red.

What is wrong with him? Is there something on my face? Is that why he keeps glancing away, trying not to laugh? Tilting my head slightly and putting my hand up to my face to check if I can feel anything wrong. Nothings there so I reply cautioniously

‘ok, straight from school?’

‘ yeah, um sure’

he’s stuttering over his words again, what IS wrong with him? He’s always so confident and now he’s stuttering, what is wrong?

And then it hits me like a train. A little voice inside my head says maybe he likes you?

No, no, no! NO! this is not good no one has ever liked me except for Adain and he’s my boyfriend, who’s not here he’s in Hawaii and I haven’t heard from for weeks because he’s probably flirting up a storm and I do need to get out of the house … so, ok, OK! I’m doing this! Taking a deep breath I tilt my face up towards his and say

‘yes, I do’

oh my god! I made it sound like I was agreeing to marry him!

‘are you going to come back to school now or do I have to carry you?’ he asks a huge smile lighting up his face and making his eyes tingle, I noted that that smile sent tingles to my toes.

‘ well even though this ran is warm I am kind of wet so I think I’ll go change into something warm’ I reply.

And then another shock comes, he grabs my hand in his and tugs me in the direction I was walking before

‘well lets got you home then’

he takes off towards my house dragging me along behind him.

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