Destiny Rings

When Sophia Carols literarily lands a hit on her crush, in fact right on his face. Destiny and Fate steps in and the romance begins. Follow Angel and Sophia's relationship through the twists and turns of fate as they discover the ture meaning of being truly destined for another.


5. 'Secrets from mummy'


I skip down the bus's steps and land with two feet on the pavement, then I swing around and wave bye to Michelle and Amy, who wave and pull funny faces as the bus pulls away from the curb. I start walking along the pavement to my house, bag swiging on my shoulder and summer breeze in my hair, I am on a high, Angel has asked my out AND I have no homework! For the second time that day I run down the path to my door and go inside smiling.

I tear into my room, only stopping to dump my bag and kick off my shoes. I scramble to find the perfect out fit for tomorrow. Because of my mum's strictness I am not allowed to date till I go to collage which is next year, so it would definatly not go down well if she found me rummaging for date worthy clothes. In the end I settle for white shorts and a melon button up singlet along with white converse. I tuck them away in a nook in my wardrobe and flop infront of the tv along with a bowl of mac ‘n’ chesse and my laptop. I relax for the rest of the evening and daydream about tomorrow and Angel and I.

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