Destiny Rings

When Sophia Carols literarily lands a hit on her crush, in fact right on his face. Destiny and Fate steps in and the romance begins. Follow Angel and Sophia's relationship through the twists and turns of fate as they discover the ture meaning of being truly destined for another.


2. 'Planning a carrer in diving?'



THE next morning I wake up early, blinking a few times to clear my eyes I glance at the clock, its 5; 45, why have I woken up this early? Flopping back down onto my pillow I stare at the ceiling then a lone thought pops into my mind. Angel. The Angel that I straddled. The Angel that I had run away from. Bile rises up from my stomach at the thought of going to school. I rush to the bathroom and dry heave over the toilet bowl for a few minutes. Then I got splash my face with cold water in the sink, staring at my dripping face in the mirror I start to formulate a plan. I strip and stand in the shower letting the warm water run over me, while I complete my plan, I get out, dry off and pull on some shorts and a t-shirt, sneakers and grab my books, breakfast and lunch bag and race out the door. Skipping down the path I stuff my books and lunch into my bag and get started on my breakfast.


As I near school I see a black car out of the corner of my eye, my heart jumps, could it be angel? He has the same car. I sigh in relief as it passes with out incident. Turning the corner to school I plop my rubbish from breakfast into a nearby bin and peak around the gates, I scan the court yard and confirm that it is angel free, I take a step forward, twist my ring around my finger, take another step, twist ring, as I move forward again angel comes into view he glances my way and our eyes meet, I spin around and bolt to the gate, angel breaks away from his group and is close behind, with seconds to spare I dive into a bush as angel comes flying out of the gate. He looks left and right and then left and right again, my heart skips a beat as he seems to look straight through me but he turns around and retreats into school. Letting out I sigh of relief I release the breath I had been holding, but take another sharp one in as a deep, humored voice sounds from above me to my left

‘Doing some gardening are we Miss Carlos?’ my principle, Mr. Pallpion asks amused.

‘Ah no sir, can you tell me where I can get my schedule changed?’ I ask nervously

‘Yes of course, I’ll show you’ he says offering his hand

Taking his hand I pull my self up and dust my bum free of leaves with the other. Mr. Pallpion places his large hand on the small of my back and guides me towards the administration as we walk across the court yard I hide myself behind his tall and bulky frame, hiding me from the view of angel. I catch a glimpse of angel and his group, he is slightly taller than the rest of them and his dark curls and olive skin are a opposite to the sun streaked blonde and darkly bronzed bodies of his surfer friends. His espresso brown eyes framed by thick dark lashes scan the courtyard in an attempt to catch me out again he furrows his strong brow as he starts another scan. I twist the ring around my finger and his eyes lock on Mr. Pallpion an I. starting to panic I glance around looking for a escape and spot a large group of girls near the doors to administration I turn away from Mr. Pallpion and hurry towards them sighing to my self . And for the second time that day dive straight into something I probably shouldn’t.

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