Destiny Rings

When Sophia Carols literarily lands a hit on her crush, in fact right on his face. Destiny and Fate steps in and the romance begins. Follow Angel and Sophia's relationship through the twists and turns of fate as they discover the ture meaning of being truly destined for another.


9. 'my life = confusion'


You know why that jerk wouldn’t give up, its because it was MY decision to dump him him and its all MY fault. And apparently that means that I was cheating on him.


This only happened two months ago, so the wound is still fresh and deep. Mum says I should have stayed with him, mum thinks Jason’s the bee’s knees. As if, I’m not taking advice considering her own terminated marriage and loopy logic. No, no, no and no.

My head spins as I peak around the corner to check for the tardy officer and then creep down the empty corridor. I open the combination for my locker with shaky hands and stuff my bag in pick out my books for the two first periods, I don’t want to chance someone catching me at my locker in between periods. Then I scrabble off to homeroom and hope for the best.


Surprisingly I don’t get in trouble as I stumble into homeroom late, Amy sits at the back by herself while some boys clown around next to her. She sees me and waves then pats the empty seat next to her. I flop down and she grins wide, actually it’s a bit scary to be honest.

‘What?’ I ask

I feel my face with my hand checking that nothing has come out of place on my little run


She stretches the word out and brings the end up like a question with creepy smile still plastered on her face.

She then raises he eyebrows, high so that they disappear into her bangs and then tilts her head, gesturing to the other side of the room, I lean to the side to and look. Angel sits diagonally across from me with his friends he glances around and then snaps his head back when he sees me looking, a dark pink rises up in his cheeks, is angel blushing because of … me?


The bell rings for first period, Amy is still smiling huge, she waggles he eyebrows at me as she picks up her bag and files out of homeroom with every one else, I am left standing there alone, looking after Amy’s retreating badge laden backpack.

Gosh that girl is a special one sometimes.

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