Destiny Rings

When Sophia Carols literarily lands a hit on her crush, in fact right on his face. Destiny and Fate steps in and the romance begins. Follow Angel and Sophia's relationship through the twists and turns of fate as they discover the ture meaning of being truly destined for another.


1. 'Landing that hit'



‘THUMP thump thump beeeeeeeep’

The bashing of the large blue bags pauses as the whistle screeches and light panting fills the air. The instructor holds up his palm asking for silence, bringing it down he untucks the clipboard from under his arm, in his deep booming voice he then announces,

‘Ok so new activity, new partners’

A collective groan ripples through the class, he holds up his hand again for silence then continues,

‘We’ll be doing a blocking activity to go with you last punching exercise, ‘

Then he pauses to lift a sheet from his clipboard and continues

‘I have taken the honor of splitting you into pairs according to height it is also a combination of male and female how ever there is one couple of two ladies’

He inclines his head towards Michelle and Amy, their eyes spark with hope of being in the same group but the dull as they realize that he had said couples they turn their faces towards me and pout with big puppy eyes, their special way of saying sorry. A large chunk of fiery red hair falls across Amy’s face ruining the moment, we then all simultaneously burst into silent giggles. After we finish our little pity party we turn back to the group unnoticed by the instructor as he continues rattling off the list of names, one name catches my attention, Angel Gallson, my one and only crush from the very first day of kindergarten, he how ever had absolutely no idea and treated me like a little sister. Because of our close families he felt the need to protect me. How ever his behavior had eased off at the start of this year so sadly I have no connection at all. But this this could be my chance to charm him over so as soon as my name was called and I was paired up with Angel the charming began.


‘So Angel how’s it been?’ I questioned as casually as I could

‘Nothing much’ he replied, shrugging looking down at the floor.

This was going to be harder than I had thought. He holds up his arms in fighting stance and steps back a foot.

‘Ready?’ he asks with a small smile

We begin punching and blocking. Soon I was really getting into the rhythm of my punches and I see that angel was keeping up so I decide to try a bit harder, making my punches harder and faster. He kept up so I go faster again and then realize it was a big mistake, my fist sails past his outstretched arm and slams into his right cheek bone my ring pressing into his skin the force of the blow pushes him to the floor. I pull my fist back and gasp in horror oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! What have I done?! I dive to the floor to check he’s still alive, straddling his body and push my face close to his inspect his face, there’s a light pink smudge where I hit him but what grabs my attention most and puts me into absolute shock is imprinted on his cheek, the writing from my ring stamped into his skin

I’m yours.

The shock overwhelms me and blackness creeps in and I pass out on his chest.




The sweet yet subtle exotic smell of Sophia’s shampoo still lingers in my nose as she sits bolt upright still straddling me, I give my self a mental slap, Sophia carols is straddling me! her hands are clenched fists around the fabric of my school shirt. Her face is pale and eyes huge, juicy lips slightly parted she leans closer and looks straight into my eyes

‘Are you ok?’ she whispers still gazing into my eyes,

her dark curly hair falls around us creating a shield, she runs her thumb lightly across my cheekbone where she hit me, my heart is pounding so hard that I’m sure she can hear it I open my lips to speak but all of a sudden she flips her hair behind her shoulder and its like walking in new light, I hadn’t realized how dark it had been but I still had been able to see he face perfectly almost as if she had been glowing,

‘I’m sorry’ she snaps and jumps off me rushing to hide her petite frame behind Michelle’s body, her curious, glowing amber eyes peer at me over he friend’s shoulder. As I prop myself up on my elbows the muscular PE teacher looms over me he offers a hand

‘You right mate?’

‘Ah I think so can I get some ice from the nurse?’

‘Sure mate want to take at friend?’

Suddenly Sophia’s sweet voice calls out ‘I’ll take him!’

‘Ok’ I murmur as she jogs over to me and tugs me forcefully towards the gym doors.




As I tug angel towards the doors he trails behind, which is probably best for his safety seeing as though I am having an absolute mental break down and could blow any minute, I cant believe I did that! I CANNOT BELIVEVE I DID THAT, WHAT WAS I THINKING?! I give myself a mental scolding, I mean what was with the straddling, he looked like a deer in headlights, I glance back to check he hasn’t passed out from being absolutely mortified, glancing at his face I notice he has a funny look on his face he’s obviously hallucinating from the blow and thinking I am some kind of deranged chipmunk, oh well I am acting like one , I think to myself turning my head forwards and shaking my hair out off my face. Stupid hair. Stupid me.


We continue till just out side the nurses room in Sophia-dragging-angel formation and stop and whip around and inspect his face which still has the funny look on it and scrutinize the stamped words I’m yours, this makes no sense my ring doesn’t even say that! I glance down at my ring, it was the ring my grandma had given me at my 10th birthday. She had called it a destiny ring and promised me that it would find true love, and you believed her, I remind myself.


Glancing again at the ring again and looking at the prudent words sruoyml, my grandma had told me it meant luck in love in an ancient language, considering the writing again I look to angel, he’s staring horrorstruck, I decide to explain my crazy theory to him.

‘Angel do you know what a destiny ring is?’




‘Angel do you know what a destiny ring is?’

I love the way she says my name, the way her lips move as she says it I think dazedly .

Slowly I nod my head, god she must think I am such an idiot!

‘I have one ‘ I manage to stutter out, pulling the chain that the ring that hangs from under my shirt so Sophia can have a better look but before I can she steps forward quickly and I freeze, she stands there our bodies millimeters apart gazing at my ring holding it in her delicate little hands. I gasp, her head snaps up,

‘Oh right ice from the nurse, um, well bye!’ she says

Giving me a dazzling smile she turns on her heel and hurries away leaving me with her luscious scent. The bell rings in the background jolting me out of my thoughts, students spill out of classrooms all around me. Not bothering to get my books I jog to my car, thinking of a ways to get Sophia on a date.



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