Destiny Rings

When Sophia Carols literarily lands a hit on her crush, in fact right on his face. Destiny and Fate steps in and the romance begins. Follow Angel and Sophia's relationship through the twists and turns of fate as they discover the ture meaning of being truly destined for another.


4. 'I do?'


AS we arrive at my door, soaking wet, I thumble with my keys but finally get them in. once we are inside I throw angel a towel and race to my room to dry off and change, once in my room I run to my wardrobe and pull out a sundress and ballet flats , try my hair back and put on a headband.  I thunder down the stairs and pop my head into the living room to check on angel, he is standing by the fireplace looking at the pictures on the mantelpiece

‘just you and your mum, huh?’ he asks still gazing at the photos

‘yeah my dad died when I was three, I don’t really remember him’

‘ oh that’s sad I’m sorry’

‘nah its ok do you want some lunch?’

‘yeah ok’

I scoot into the kitchen and take two sushi rolls from the fridge and two soy sauce packets . I meet angel at the door with an umbrella and our lunch, picking up our backpacks we walk back to school hand in hand under the umbrella.


When we arrive at school it like walking onto a stage, as we open the gate everyone turns to look and everyone sees our hands. I pass angel his sushi and soy sauce, looking down at me

‘bye I’ll see you tomorrow after school and thanks for the sushi’  he says with a smile that makes my stomach flutter

‘that’s ok, bye!’ I giggle and turn off to find Michelle and Amy.


Fourth ,fifth and sixth periods go by uneventfully and nobody mentions my absence.

But as I exit the class room

‘why didn’t you tell us?’ the chorus together

‘tell you about what?’ I ask loosening their death grips on my upper arms

‘about angel!’ Michelle says frustrated

‘what about angel what happened?’ I ask feigning innocence even though I had been daydreaming about him for the last three periods, analyzing ever thing he said to me and the way he smiled.

‘you and angel, silly you know what we are talking about!’ Amy adds stamping her foot like a three year old.

Smiling I say ‘its nothing he’s just taking me for ice-cream, that’s all’

Giving me a sly smile Amy says ‘well we don’t believe you’ and pulls me off to bus lines.

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