A love story and a story of everything going wrong


1. The Blind Date

                               MELISSA'S POV:    

"Omg you need to go on this date he is so funny, sweet and HOTT! Did I mention HOTT!!" I told my best friend Katy. 

" Well who is he what does he look like? Like seriously this guy has been liking me for over 3 years and I still can't know to me it feels like your hiding a criminal stalker from me." Katy replied to my plead. 

" He has green eyes thats all I can say just go on the frickin date please you will be glad you did" I begged more. 

" If you like him so much why don't you go on the frickin date yourself!!" Katy yelled very loud while she slammed the door to her bedroom in my face. 

" If I could I would but he doesn't like me Katy he likes you don't you want to know the guy that has been hiding in the dark for 3 years?" I asked Katy not expecting her to answer. 

" Well ya I do but what if he isn't what i think he looks like? What if he is everything I never liked or ever like" Katy said in a much softer voice as if she were crying of what she should do. I wish I felt the pain she did to now what she was feeling.

" Just go on the date if you see him and don't like him one bit turn around" I suggested. 

" Fine but what if he dosen't like what I have changed into in three years?" Katy finally accepted my request, but had one little doubt of the thing that is the most dumbest thing to doubt about. 

" Katy are you kidding me? He never moved niether did you so you know who he is just he is one of those guys you would never think about." I replied giving her much comfort.  

" Are you sure my guesses aren't close at all?" Katy replied thinking I would tell her.

" Positive and all the guys you said had every eye colour but green so they aren't even an option" I said being truthful.

" I don't know any boy that has green eyes." Katy said unaware of the boy that happened to be one of her closest guy friends, but they never hung out much out of school. 

" You will find out tomarrow" I replied hoping she would drop the conversation and go get a good night sleep.

" Well i think i'm going to go to bed good night" Katy said while yawning. 

" Good night be perpared for tomarrow" I replied smiling going to our kitchen. We lived together since we moved out of our parents house 2 years ago for college. Me and Katy have known each other since we met from our parents, they knew each other from work, ever since we met we never could part. When we met we were infants we loved each other like sisters. Never have we ever got in a fight and nor will we ever get in a fight.

                                                                  KATY'S POV: I woke up this morning from Melissa jumping on my bed and screaming "GET UP  GET UP GET UP" I was so mad nobody wakes me up she should know, but no she had to. 

"GET OFF OF ME OR ELSE I'LL SLAP THAT GRIN OFF YOUR FACE" I screamed to her very harshly. 

"Fine, but you need to start getting ready for your date" Melissa implied. I got up and put on gray sweat pants and a tank top. 

" You are not waring anything of that nature around a guy that you don't even know who. " Melissa said while moving her hands like a diva, which she is not. 

"Fine then what should I ware and I need to take a shower for this mystery guy, cause he is so important" I replied with a sarcastic tone. Melissa looked through my drawers and found my black pencil skirt. I should of known better to have kept that thing. She waved it around smiling like an idiot. About 30 minutes later of her searching through every inch of my room she found this cute purple shirt that had nothing on it and was see through I looked at it as if it was something I have never seen.

" I'm waring a tank top under just to let you know " I said smiling when her smirk whipped off. I got in the shower and took a long one because I had a lot of time left. I got out and put my clothes on. My hair was still rapped by the towel. I took about an hour blow drying my hair and straightening it. I took about 30 minutes doing my make-up. By the time I put my last black flat on Melissa was screaming for me to get out of the house. I grabbed my purse which contained my phone, wallet, and my eyeliner. I ran out of the house forgetting my car keys, but Melissa came out running in her pajamas giving me a hug and giving me my car keys. I asked her were the date was and she told me the diner which we go to very frequently. I drove down the street to the diner. As I walk in the diner was set up completely different, it was all dark and the walls had red paper all over it. They were all taped together. I looked around to see no one. There was a table in the middle of the dark room with flowers in the middle. I sat in the chair and a boy that seamed so familiar. Not until I saw him sit down it the seat in front of me I could figure out who it was. He was one of my best friends. Are you kidding me I was 2 seconds to say it until..

"HI, so now you know" I was stunned. Harry it was him I totally forgot about him he is the only person I know with green eyes. He is beautiful and he never acted like he was obsessed about me and for three years. He always acted normal, he acted like he had always did, for the three years I've known him. I have always liked him but acted like I didn't incase he didn't like me. I started to blush so bad even in a dark red room you could see i was blushing.I moved my hair from my face and behind my ear. 

" you know what is kinda funny?" I tried to tell Harry that I like him.

" What?" Harry said in his raspy voice. 

" That i've have on crush on you" I whispered into his ear making him want me but I wasn't sure if I wanted him. Yet. After he had understood what I said he smiled and his CUTE dimples showed. I for sure wanted to stay all night talking. We could. I found myself quite fond of him being with me. I wanted to kiss him but I was way to scared what he would think, although I did know him very well and he did already know everything about me. There was a silent moment a nice silence. He knew my past and how bad it was and he didn't care, unlike most guys. He lent in for a kiss and so I did. Sparks were flying every were. I didn't stop nor did he. We felt each others pain in life and knew each others. We had some wine and it was red wine.

" You know red wine is said to be the most romantic?" Harry asked very romantic. My feelings for him were growing within seconds of each other. 






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