Everything Has a Happy Ending

Savannah was just a normal 14 year old girl living in Houston, Texas. But a shooting in her neighborhood one night can change everything. Her parents and older siblings died in the shooting. Her younger 4 year old sister, DJ, was seen taken away that night. Savannah wanted to do anything she could to get her back. She woke up the next morning with and soon becomes a part of a new family, who helps her find DJ. But Savannah thinks that her life has no meaning anymore.


1. Normal Life

Savannah's POV

"Savannah! Josh! You're going to be late!" my mom called out from the kitchen. Ugh. I was in such a beautiful dream. I got out of bed and checked the time. 6:55.

"Crap." I hurried out of bed and grabbed my uniform. I run to the restroom and bumped into my older brother Josh.
"I need the restroom!"

"Nuh uh." he closed the door behind him.

"Hurry up!" I banged on the door.

Instead of waiting for him I went in the guest restroom. I quickly do my hair and wash my face. Eh, let's skip the makeup. I'm not the girl who really enjoys the topic of makeup.


"Hi Mom!" I run into the kitchen.

"Hey Savannah, here's your lunch. Your dad already took DJ to school. Come home at around 4. Alyssa coming home today for the weekend."

"Really?!" my older sister is coming home from college! Girls night out tonight!

She nodded. "Josh! You're gonna make your sister late!"

He came rushing in the kitchen and grabbed his breakfast and lunch.

"Bye Mom!" we left the house and got in his car.

"Don't forget! Be here by 4!"

I’m a freshman, and Josh is a junior. We go to Forest Hill Academy. So he drives us to school. I can still remember the first day he drove us. I was freaking out and having a heart attack. But I got used to it.

I got in the car and turned on the radio. 'and live while we're young..' yes, LWWY was playing on the radio.

"Ugh come on!"

"Shut up Josh! You're just jealous." I said before I started to sing along.

"But just don't sing, okay?"

I glared at him. "What kind of brother are you?"

He shrugged. "The best brother in the world."

"Yeah yeah yeah."

"Is that you're phone buzzing?" we stopped on a red light.

I opened my backpack and sure enough, it was. "Yeah, it's just Kylee."

I unlocked my phone.



'hurry up.'

'im comingg. Five more minutes'

"Hey why does Mom want us to be back by 4?" Josh asks me as we parked the car.

"Alyssa's coming home for the weekend."

"Really! Oh this is going to be one fun weekend."

"Let's ask if we can go to Kemah tomorrow." I take my backpack from the trunk.

"Ya think they're gonna let us? I mean.."

"Or the Galleria."

"Yeah we'll see. See you at 4!" Josh waves goodbye and we head off on are own way.

I walk in the doors and go to my locker. FHA is quite small, just like 125 kids a grade. If you compare it to other high schools, its really small.  I put my books in and walk to homeroom.

"SAVANNAH JOHNS!" I turn around to see my two best friends, Mary and Kylee.

"Hay gurl hay!"

"Did you hear?!" Kylee tells me.


"That Julia and Robert are dating." Kylee says in a sassy voice.

"Wait what? I thought Julia just broke up with Matt yesterday."

"Eh, it's plain old Julia. Come on, let's talk in homeroom." Mary says.


At lunch I quickly walk to my table. We always have this game that every  Friday who ever sits down last has to get the first person who came ice cream. Its how we roll. Thankfully I was the first one here.

"Hey, you were first last week." Kylee sits down.

"Sucks to suck." I took a bite out of my sandwich.

"So anyway, my mom said that she might get me One Direction tickets. I'm like freaking out here."

"Really! You know," I flipped my hair, "you can drag me along."

"Eh, you're better than Mary."

"Excuse me Kylee." Mary sits down and hands me a dollar. "Go enjoy yourself some ice cream cheater."

"My pleasure." I smile and put the money in my pocket.

"So, whatcha talking about."

"Kylee's mom might get her One Direction tickets."

Mary's eyes shot wide open. "Speaking of One Direction, I heard they're taking a two week vacation. Rumors are spreading that they're here in Texas. And someone said they think they spotted them in Houston. In Town Square."

I almost chocked on my water.

"What! You've got to be kidding me!" This could mean that when Alyssa and I go on our usual shopping days, we could bump into them!

"How did you find out?" Kylee asks.


"What if they just walked right in here."

"Yeah right Savannah. In your dreams."

"I'm just saying. You know, I am the most attractive girl."

"Yeah right." she says as we all start cracking up.


As the final bell rang, I went directly to the car. I waited a couple of minutes before I called Josh.

"Josh? Where are you? We're supposed to be home soon."

"Oh yeah I'm meeting with a teacher. I'll be there in couple of minutes."

"K I'm waiting!"


We finally got home and I rushed inside to see Alyssa. It's been almost three months she hasn’t been here. See, this is what college does to you. Stupid college. 

"ALYSSAA!" I run up to her room, and there she is, on her laptop. When she sees me she runs over to me and squeezes me tight. She's my favorite person in the world. She helps me with everything. If she wasn't hear, I wouldn't know what I'd do.

"Oh my gosh Savannah I've missed you!"

"Shopping tomorrow?" I asked.

"You bet! So, what's new?" We sit on her bed.

"Mary said that rumors said that One Direction is taking a two week break and people spotted them here in Houston."

"Maybe we'll bump into them tomorrow!"

"I know! That would be like AAAAHHH-mazing!"

"I saw this cute top at Forever 21, and I think it'll look gorgeous on you."

"Really? Anyways how's

"Alyssaa!" D.J. comes running in. Alyssa picks her up in her arms.

"Hey little sis!"

"Hi Alyssa. I got a gold star today in school."

"That's my sister." she kisses her on the cheek. "Come on, let's go get ice cream downstairs and we'll spend the whole evening watching movies." 

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