Everything Has a Happy Ending

Savannah was just a normal 14 year old girl living in Houston, Texas. But a shooting in her neighborhood one night can change everything. Her parents and older siblings died in the shooting. Her younger 4 year old sister, DJ, was seen taken away that night. Savannah wanted to do anything she could to get her back. She woke up the next morning with and soon becomes a part of a new family, who helps her find DJ. But Savannah thinks that her life has no meaning anymore.


17. Girlfriends

Savannah's POV

DJ and I did our best to stay out of the flashing cameras and annoying paparazzi as we stayed in Connecticut. The boys decided to wait till NYC to give hints to the press. I didn't care when, all I knew is that the public is going to know sooner or later. When we arrived in Connecticut, they did a small interview with us for 'This Is Us.' 

"So what's the movie called?" I asked Niall as we finished filming. I figured out that the director is Morgan Spurlock. I knew him of course, after watching his Super Size Me, in eighth grade. I've never liked McDonald's anyways.

"We called it 'This Is Us.' We made it up ourselves."

"That's a nice title." I sat on the couch next to Niall  and turned on the TV.

"You're not telling anyone, ya here?"

I nodded. "I promise! Hey, you should cover 'This is Me' and play it in the movie."

Niall furrowed his eyebrows. "What song is that?"

"Camp Rock."

He thought for a minute. "Ohh, you mean the 'this is real, this is me…" He started to sing parts of the song. 

I smiled, nodding. He chuckled. "That would be pretty fun."

"Do it," I pleaded. He laughed. "I'll see, maybe, maybe not."

"Oh, there's this picture," I shifted in my seat, "that someone edited, and it was a picture of you and Harry singing at some concert, and it was edited to where it was a 'Camp Rock' version."

Niall started cracking up. "What? I want to see it!"

I took out my phone and searched it up. "Oh, here." I handed him my phone. He studied the picture and started laughing. "What if Harry and I actually did a duet of that."

"Please do it, Niall!" I pleaded, imagining it. That second, there was a knock at the door and Louis walked in and sat on the couch next to me. "We're leaving to the arena in five minutes."

"Am I coming with y'all?"

He nodded. "You can stay backstage with Lou until the concert." He smiled and nudged me. "Hey, isn't it your first One Direction concert?"

I shook my head. "Nope. I went to the Up All Night one last summer."

"Really? Where did you sit?"

"Eh, closer to the back." I shrugged. "But it was still fun."

Louis' phone rang, and he motioned Niall and I that they were waiting for us outside.


The next few days went by fast. Whether it was interviews or filming for the movie and OWOA, or rehearsals for MSG or the concerts here in Connecticut. It was a few busy days. As the days got closer to MSG, I could tell that the boys were getting nervous and excited at the same time. We finally arrived at the hotel early Friday morning, and I immediately fell on my bed. I was tired and exhausted. We went to sleep late last night, and we had to wake up too early in the morning.
"Didn't sleep on the plane?" Niall smirked and sat on the edge of his bed.

"I can't sleep on planes." I muttered in the pillow.

"Ha. I'll wake you up before we have to go to the…" Niall got excited. "arena!!"

"Shut up for now." I mumbled before falling asleep. Last thing I heard was him laughing and the sounds coming from the TV.


"Savannah! Wake up!" I feel a pillow being thrown on my back and voices screaming in my ear. I opened my eyes and saw Zayn and Niall waking me up the harsh way. I turned away and faced the wall, waving my hands at them. "Go away." I groaned.
"Sucks to suck, come on, we have to get to the arena!" Niall jumped around excitedly. I grumpily got off the bed and slapped my two brothers before going to the restroom. I shake my head and smiled to myself when I heard them whispering, "Dang, we gotta watch out for this girl." I quickly wash my face and brush my teeth. I put a headband on, not caring about brushing my hair. I walked out of the restroom and slipped on my boots following Niall and Zayn out. We got in the van joining the rest of the gang.

"Where's DJ?" It was only the boys and Josh with me with in the car.

"She's with Lou. Don't worry, this van is much better." Harry smirked and smiled. I shake my head. "You're still sleepy, huh?"

I nodded. "Thanks to y'all."

"Ha. You'll get used to it." I lean against Harry's shoulder and fall asleep again for the rest of the ride. I woke up on a couch in the dressing room a few hours later. I sat up and walked out, seeing DJ running around in the hallway playing with Lux. DJ ran up to me and hid behind me, Lux giggling and following her. "You guys having fun?"

DJ nodded. "Yup."

I picked up Lux and smiled at her. "How about you? You're having fun?" She nodded. "Yeah!" I put her back on the ground and let them two be. I walked around, finding my way to the front of the stage. The boys were practicing, well, technically goofing off, and sat in the front row and went on my phone.

"Hello empty arena!" Liam yelled in his microphone and his voice echoed throughout. He continued on, "Oh wait, it's not empty, we have a girl right here front row. Look boys, she's not paying attention to us!" He pouted. I smirked but didn't look up from my phone. "No phones allowed!" Louis yelled. I looked up. "Why not?"

"Because you have to watch us practice."

I sighed, giving in and put my phone in my pocket. I crossed my leg and watched them sing. The boys were having a quick water break when someone walked up to me and sat next to me. "You must be Savannah, am I right?"

I looked up and I couldn't believe who I was seeing.

He chuckled. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"You're… you're Ed Sheeran." I stuttered. "You're Ed Sheeran."

He laughed nodding. "Yes I am. You're Savannah, am I right?"

I nod slowly, still not believing who I was seeing. It was Ed freaking Sheeran! Ed laughed. "Nice to meet you, Savannah. Apparently the boys warned me about you. On the contrary, you don't seem like what they've explained to me."

"What did they say about me?" I shake my head hiding my face.

"Well, they told me you're pretty aggressive and stubborn."

I looked up and leaned back on the chair. "I'm going to kill them." I muttered looking away. I looked back and before I could stop myself I blurted out, "Can I have a hug though?"

Ed smiled and hugged me. "Of course! By the way, that's one cute sister you got there."

I smiled. "DJ?"

He nodded. "Yeah. She told me you were a big fan and started singing 'The A Team.'"

I shake my head, laughing. "She runs around singing that all the time."

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Double the audience I see!" Harry walks up the stage and jumps off. "Ed! You came earlier than I expected!" Ed stands up and hugs Harry. Harry put his arm around Ed. "You've met Savannah, I see?"

Ed nods. "She's totally opposite of your description of her."

Harry's mouth drops open and shakes his head. "You don't know her yet, Ed. Just give her time. She was a goodie-two-shoe when I first met her."

I innocently smile up at the two of them. "Here, let's take a picture of you two." Harry takes his phone out and pulls me up on my feet. Ed smiles and puts his arms around me. I try so hard not to fangirl, and I smiled my best normal smile. "1-2-3 and taken." Harry quickly sends it to the two of us and shoves his phone back in his pocket. Ed excuses himself and leaves us, looking for the other boys.

Harry sat by me and took out his phone. As soon as Ed was out of sight, I turn immeditaly to Harry and fangirl to him. "You never told me Ed Sheeran was going to be here!"

He shakes his head, laughing. He stuck his phone back in his pocket. "You never asked."

"But…" I hide my face in my hands and lean back. "I really just met Ed Sheeran."

Harry patted my back. "I've met him a long time ago," he joked.

I shoot him a glare. "Shut up."

He nudges me. "You know you love me."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"Why is he here?"

"He's our opening act for MSG."


He nods and stands up in his seat. "Oh, by the way. Lou is going back to the hotel in a few and we have a meeting for the next few hours. You can go back with her if you want."

I nod. "Yeah, I'll go with her."

"Okee. See ya later!" He smiles and climbs back on stage ready to rehearse.


We got back to the hotel in time for Lux's naptime, so I took DJ with me in my room. I turned on the Disney for her and started on some homework. I'm being homeschooled. By who? Well, after pleading and arguing for what seemed like ages, Paul hesitantly agreed for the boys to be my teachers. Surprisingly they take it very seriously. I pull out my Odyssey book and flop on the couch next to DJ. After finishing two books, there was a knock on the door, and I opened the door.
"Hey, Savannah." Lou smiled holding Lux in her arms.

"Hey, Lou."

"Is it okay if I leave Lux with you? I have to go run a few errands."

"Oh it's fine!" I take a tired Lux in my arms.

"There's some security downstairs if your wondering. I'll be back as soon as possible, okay?"

I nodded. "It's fine. I'll call you if I need anything."

"Thank you, love!"
I closed the door behind me and sat on the couch with Lux on my lap. DJ's face brightened when she saw Lux. "She's still tired, wait till she wakes up okay?" I fix Lux's small ponytail. DJ nodded and turned her focus on the TV. The three of us watched the rest of a Good Luck Charlie episode. Austin & Ally just began to play when there was another knock on the door. Lux climbed off my lap and I went up to get the door. I opened the door and was immediately greeted by a hug.

"Savannah!" Eleanor hugged me tightly. I hugged her back. "Hi, Eleanor!" I smile back. "How have you been?"

I shrug. "It's good."

Eleanor motioned at the person next to her. "Savannah, you probably know who this is, Danielle, this is Savannah."

Danielle is here? What, didn't they break up a while back…? I had so many questions going through my head. Wait, they got back together? They got back together!? Liam never told me such thing.

Danielle smiled and hugged me. "I've heard a lot of things about you, Savannah. It's good to finally meet you."

"It's good to meet you, too." I smiled back.

"Where's everyone?" Eleanor asked me.

"Boys have some meetings or something and Lou went to do some errands. I'm here with Lux and DJ."

I closed the door behind them. "Eleanor!" DJ squealed and jumped of the couch.
"Hey, you little munchkin. How are you doing?" Eleanor picked her up.

"I'm good." DJ smiled. "Hi." She smiled and waved to Danielle.

"Hi there, you must be DJ." Danielle smiled, setting her purse on the couch.

DJ nodded and wiggled out of Eleanor's grip. "That's me!" Eleanor sat down next to Lux and kissed her. "Hey there."

Lux smiled and giggled, waving to both Eleanor and Danielle. Danielle sat down next to DJ. Eleanor stood up and dragged me to the bedroom. "You must be wondering what's happening, right?" She smirked.

I sit criss-crossed on the bed. "Yes!" I say not to loudly. "Didn't they like break up?"

Eleanor smiled and sat down next to me. "Well, Danielle called me the other day, and well, she and Liam have been talking…"

"So they're back together? No wonder Liam seemed a bit too happy the past few days."

"Yes!" Eleanor clapped.

"Payzer's back!" I said excitedly, maybe a bit too loud. I hugged my knees to my chest.

"Trust me, I knew they weren't going to last single forever. They're meant to be," Eleanor commented.

"So you're saying I cried the whole night long for no reason."

Eleanor laughed. "I know, I was freaking out too when she called me."

"I thought it wasn't nice to gossip." Danielle walked in and sat on the chair against the wall, trying to hide a smile.

"You two like back together?" I asked her, still hugging my knees.

"Yeah." Danielle smiled.


Danielle blushed. "I don't know hopefully."

"I will be there at Payzer's wedding whether you like it or not. I don't care if it's forced, I will be there." I warned her.

She shook her head, blushing. She quickly changed the subject. "So Savannah, Eleanor told me about a special someone," she smirked and crossed her arms over her chest.

I look at Eleanor, who was trying so hard to look and sound innocent. "What? I never told you anything. Danielle stop lying." She shrugged. I glared at her, and I felt my face getting red. "Eleanor." I whined nudging her. I turn to look at Danielle, still waiting for an answer. "Fine, yeah, there's a boy."

Danielle clasped her hands together resting them on her knee. "Name? Picture?"

"Sam." I smile and look down. "Aw, you're blushing!" Danielle smiled.

Eleanor took her phone and handed it over to Danielle. "Aren't they the cutest couple ever?" My eyes widened as I realize that she was showing Danielle a picture of me and Sam. "You two are the cutest!"

"It's not official though," I shrugged.
"What?" Eleanor frowned.

"Well, I mean we're still friends and all, but considering I'm going to be in London…"

"It's okay. We understand." Eleanor smiled and patted my knee. "Come on, let's forget about boys. Let's go get a little snack?"

Danielle and I agreed. I quickly texted Lou that Lux and DJ were with us, and put my phone in my back pocket. El carried Lux on her hip and I held DJ's hand as we walked in the busy New York streets. We walked passed a few cafés and stores. "Eleanorrrrr." Dani smirked as we got closer to Starbucks.

Eleanor had a confused expression on her face until she saw the café. She thought for a minute. "Eh, I'll take Starbucks. Is that alright with you?" She asked me. 

I nodded. "No duh, Eleanor. You didn't drag me once to Starbucks those few weeks." Eleanor laughed. "Shut up. It's not like your obsessed too."

"Oh dear. Now I have to deal with two Starbucks-obsessed people?" Danielle shook her head in disbelief as we walked in the café. We took our order and sat down in a booth.

"So Savannah, tell me a bit about yourself." Danielle sat across from me.

I shrug. "Nothing much to tell."

"Play any sports?"

"I run track and cross country. Hey, DJ dances too."

"Really? For how long?"

I nodded and patted DJ's head. "Eh, almost a year or so I think."

"You know I'm a dancer?" Danielle asked her, and they started having their own conversation about dancing.

"I thought you guys weren't coming until tomorrow?" I asked Eleanor who was helping Lux.

"Who told you that?"


"Oh, that's when Perrie's coming. She had some meeting earlier with Little Mix. She's flying in tomorrow. But Louis or Liam don't know we arrived today."

At that second my phone started vibrating. I answer it not bothering to read the caller I.D.


"Where the bloody hell are you? You're not in your room, DJ isn't in your room, Lux isn't in your room. Where are you? We're all worried sick!?" Louis screamed in the phone and I dropped it on the table. Eleanor started giggling. When he calmed down, I put it next to my ear and answered him. "I'm at Starbucks."

"Why the bloody hell are you in Starbucks? With two young children? My dear you're a terrible girl! Which Starbucks? You're in big trouble!"

I laughed. "Louis calm down."

"Why am I going to calm down? You're in Starbucks! In New York! Alone! With two children!"

"Louis, listen to me for a second." I began but Eleanor motioned me to give her the phone. I handed it over to her and she put it on speaker.

"Louis." she began.

"Eleanor? Wait what? What? You're here? I thought you we're coming later!"

"No babe, we planned to surprise you, but you weren't there, so we decided to take the girls out for a snack."

"Oh okay. Wait, we? You brought a friend?"

Eleanor smiled and looked over at Danielle, who hid her face in her hands. "First of all, don't scream. You're on speaker. Secondly, talk to Liam about it. I think he'll tell you."

"Wait, Danielle? Is Danielle there?"

"Hi Louis." Danielle said.
"Danielle! Hold on a second." We could hear him walking around. "Liam!" He screamed.

"Louis shut up you're on speaker!" I warned him, but he ignored me. "Liam! Since when?"


"We'll excuse me if I didn't hear correctly. But uh, Danielle?"

"Oh. Uh yeah… for like two weeks" We could barely hear Liam.

"Aw, Liam! I'm going to cry! How come you never told us!" Louis fake cries. Eleanor and I start laughing while Danielle blushes. I took the phone off the table and took it off speaker. "Hey Louis, we'll come back soon."

"Yeah, okay. But I'm off to have a bachelor party with mah man!"

I shake my head and hang up. "Eleanor, you have heck of a boyfriend."

"Eh, he's a special boy." Eleanor smiles. "Come on, let's start heading back." We grab our stuff and walk out of the café. There were a few fans who kindly asked Danielle and Eleanor for pictures, so we stopped and waited. I waited in the shadows, and thankfully they didn't ask me anything. We got to the hotel minutes later, and Louis and Niall run up to Danielle. "Danielle!" They're pretty much in a happy mood and almost spill over her coffee.

"Hi, boys." She smiled, hugging them properly, one by one. Louis walked over to Eleanor, hugging and kissing her. "You said you weren't coming till later."

She smiled. "I guess you don't like surprises?"

He smiled putting his arm around her. "No, I love them."

I sent DJ off with Lux and walked in Zayn's room, where everyone was. I sat next to Niall as he went through Twitter, and I looked over his shoulder. "How many mentions do you get a second?" I asked him.

"It depends actually. If I tweet something, boom! Everything goes mental. If I don't, it's not as bad, but still pretty bad."


"You have a twitter?"

I nodded. "Haven't used it in like a few months actually." Oh shit, I thought to myself. I better go delete those tweets if I haven't already.

"What's your username?"

"That can be saved for later."

Niall laughed. "Oh please, I want to see your tweets."

"No, Niall. Let me delete them all first." I pouted. Niall shook his head. "Savannah Johns." He read aloud as he typed in the search bar. "Hey, you only have like twenty tweets."

I sighed. "Thank goodness. Oh yeah, I delete all the crazy ones like ever week."

He frowned. "You little cheater."

"Hey, where's Harry?"

"Oh, he and Ed went to the airport to pick up Taylor."

"Taylor? As in Taylor Swift?"

Niall nodded. "Yup."

"They're dating? He never told me that!"

"Well, Harry is Harry. He has his own way of telling people." I leaned against the couch thinking. Harry and Taylor? Interesting.
"Woah there so I'm meeting Taylor Swift."

He nodded, not looking up from his phone.

"I'm meeting Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran on the same freaking day?"

Niall laughed. "Oh yeah, how did that go? Ed told me he thought you had seen a ghost."

"Why didn't you prepare me Niall I wanted to fangirl so bad." I punched his shoulder.

"Hey, no punching me you little evil person." Niall said aloud as he tweeted me.

"You know I'm right here." I reminded him. He smiled. "Yeah, I know, but this is fun."

I sighed shaking my head. I took out my phone and decided to text Kylee and Mary. No, not about Ed Sheeran or Taylor Swift. I'll leave that till they arrive.

The door opened and Ed walked in, followed by Harry and Taylor. I stayed in my spot, unsure of what to do. I couldn’t process the fact that Taylor Swift was standing in front of me. No kidding along with One Direction and Ed Sheeran. Yeah, I've been to her concert twice before, but she's standing right in front of me. And dating my brother. What. There was an echoes of 'hello' and 'hey', but they were two interested in their game of Fifa to even care. Harry sat next to me, with Taylor on his other side. "Hi." I somehow managed to say and smiled at one of my idols.

"Hi, you must be Savannah." Taylor smiled. "Harry has told me a lot about you."

The smile immediately disappeared off my face and I glared at him. "What did he tell you?"

"I didn't say anything. Taylor, stop lying to my sister!"

I punched his arm. "Styles you have been warn."

"See?" Harry pouted, trying to defend himself. "She's aggressive and stubborn!"

"So, how have you been?" Taylor asked me.

"I'm good, thank you." I smiled, trying to act as normal as I could.

"Trust me, I can tell you Taylor, that she wants to scream right now." Harry laughed.

"You're a fan?" Taylor does her best to ignore Harry.

I smile uncontrollably. "Yeah."

She laughs. "Come here." She stands up and opens her arm for a hug. I stand up and hug her. Holy shit I'm hugging Taylor Swift. She squeezed me tight before letting go and sitting down. I sat down back in my seat.

"Can I ask y'all something?" I wasn't sure if I wanted to ask them, but hey. Harry hasn't told me a thing. "Since when have y'all been dating? Cuz like Harry hasn't said a word."

Harry laughs. "I knew you were going to ask that."

"For like two weeks. Not that long." Taylor shrugs. "He hasn't told you?"

I shake my head. "Nope."

"Oh. But this was a good surprise, wasn't it?" She smiles. I nod. "Yeah, it was."

But Taylor Swift and Harry Styles? As much as I love them, I don't see them together. I thought to myself. I shrugged it off and went back on my phone, playing Temple Run.


***Author's Note

HI YOU GUYS! oh and beware, this is before haylor drama. :) ahaa. love y'all thanks for reading :)) sorry it took so long for me to update :P


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