Everything Has a Happy Ending

Savannah was just a normal 14 year old girl living in Houston, Texas. But a shooting in her neighborhood one night can change everything. Her parents and older siblings died in the shooting. Her younger 4 year old sister, DJ, was seen taken away that night. Savannah wanted to do anything she could to get her back. She woke up the next morning with and soon becomes a part of a new family, who helps her find DJ. But Savannah thinks that her life has no meaning anymore.


12. CAST!

Hey guys! So, I have a cast.... :) 

what do y'all think? 



Alyssa: Victoria Justice

Ben: Raviv Ullman

Savannah: Hailey Noelle Johnson

Sam: Uriah Shelton

Kylee:  Hailey Noelle JohnsonHailee Steinfield

Mary: Peyton List

Josh: Nick Robinson

Louis Tomlinson: as himself

Eleanor Calder: as herself

Harry Styles: as himself

Liam Payne: as himself

Zayn Malik: as himself

Niall Horan: as himself

Mr. Hunter: Matthew McConaughey

Dr. Adams: Timothy Olyphant

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