Could she be my princess?!

Ashlee Portman bumps into this boys she meets but little does she know he is the one who mostly cares about her when nobody does.


1. Whole story in this chapter:My love

I was walking around the block and i was looking for my friend we were going to go see One Direction.Yes One direction as in the biggest boy band!!!!! I was really pumped when i found out that I was going to see them! i just can't believe My Best friend Erika got tickets to see them!!!!! As i was thinking i bumped into someone, " Ouch!" "Oh My God im so sorr-" As i looked up i saw him. He had blonde/Brown hair the most adorible eye's and his face was so cute. Right then and there i had realized that it was Niall Horan!!!! "It's okay love you didnt mean it" "no honestly im Really sorry!" " No it was an accident. dont get worried, So um whats your name Mystery girl?" "OH My name is Ash-" "Oh my Gosh There you are Ashlee i've been looking for you we have to hurry up we dont want to be late to the concert!" "Ohh um yeah I have to tell you som-" "Hey whos your friend here?" "Um Erika this is Uh Niall Hora-" "Wait, Yeah hes from One direction! Omg Omg Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" " Uh Yeah hi Ashlee's Friend!" "Hi niall." There was an awkward scilence and nobody said anything " Oh okay well we better leave, Bye niall!" "Bye!" me and erika said. When i went to go huig him he kissed me on the cheek and i totaly freaked out a bit but it was cool because i really liked him he was my favorite out of one direcction but of course they all were awesome but there was something about niall.*Skipping to the night* There was 6 hours till the concert and it will take us about 3 hours to get reday so i put on a My london flag skinny jeans and my I Love 1D Tank top and Erika Wore Her Black Sparcled Jeans and Her 1D Shirt the were different but still we looked good, then we decided to do our hair i wore my hair Curly and Eirka wore hers straight but her Bangs were Curly, Next was make up but we didnt feel like putting on any make up because we don't like it at all so i guess we were ready we started for our 3 hour trip*Skipping the car ride* We arived 5 minutes before the concert there sure was a bunch of screaming girls we put our sperate bags of cloth in the car and we went to go look for our seats. We found some at the perfect angle that the boys would see us and its the place were Niall and Zayn Sit I thought AMEN. Just as we sat down the concert started and the boys strated of with the first song on there Take Me Home album *SKIPPING ALL THE SINGING* "Alright Question time!, Our first question is from @1DLovesMe31 And she is asking "Niall why are you so good looking?" Said Liam.Niall's response was "Woah, Well first of all i think i know who wrote that, and i would like her and her friend to come up so Ashlee and Erika were are you?" Omg i strated to blush as he said that he might know who that person is and when  he said were me and my friend are i got so Pink! We stood up and he looked in our direction."Alright loves get up here now witch one of you lovely ladys were the ones who asked this question?" ask liam as we got on stage"It was her, Ashlee here has been in love with niall since the X-factor!" Erika said."Great thanks Erika ;P" "Your welcome" She said "~Oh so your The one who likes Niall?" "Um yeah." "Well Niall has something to tell you" "Oh really?" "Yeahhhh, Um Would you consider being my girlfriend?" He said it so nevously and i couldn't believe he he asked me that." Well, what do you say?" Said Zayn. "Yes,Niall I will be your girlfriend!" The rest of the crowd were happy and there was some hate but who cares it was only me and him that mattered in that moment.*Skipping to Febuary* Ohhhhhh my. ITs almost valentines day. And i have no idea what to get niall! This is so terrible gosh.... Ohh wait i no what to get him, i drove to the mall and went to go get him what i thought would be good for him.

*Niall's Pov.*

It's Valentines tomorrow and i know what to get my Babe But im not sure If it's what she's into, i drive to Harrys house and knock on the door "Hey Hazza" "Hey Nialler come in." "So, i got Ashlee A Bear and a Dozen of roses Is good enough for her?" "Yeah, but add a fake one to show her that my love for you will die when the last flower does" "Wow, thats good thanks Hazza" "Yeah Your welcome and so you know Louis? Well he wants to double date with you and Ashlee could he?" "Yeah he can well bye Hazza." "Bye Niall." *Skipping the rest of that day* "Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!" "Happy Valentines day Niall!" "So Um were not goinng to be completly alone on our date Louis and His Girlfriend are comming is that okay?" "Yeah it is niall, its not big deal" "Alright so lets get going" We left and arrived at the resturant and louis and his girlfriend were standing there. We took our seats and as we sat down i order for both of us As our food came,I saw the ring i told them to put on her plate. The food came and i said to her"Erm,Would you like some Wine?" "Yes please."I gave her Wine cup and pourd some in she had a particular face on."Niall whats that on the bread stick?" "Well, Ashlee I Love You and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, so Will you marry me?" "Omg, Yes niall i will!!!!!!!!" You too grew old and two children one named Max and the other named Alexia.

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