Life As I Knew it

This is a story about the life of Janessa Williams. How she handles moving to a different country, and how she meets the love of her life there. His journey to stardom and how she handles it.


1. New Home

I had recently moved to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, England all the way from Tallahassee, Florida in the United States. It was a slight culture shock, but not as bad as I had thought it would be. I had moved out there because it had been my dream for a long time. My grandmother was from Holmes Chapel, and growing up she was always telling stories about her life there. I had wanted to go ever sense I was little and I finally decided to go for it, and move out here. It was difficult. Leaving my family in a different country and having to pack up all my stuff and ship it here. I guess I always knew moving here would be a hassle, but I didn't let that stop me. I had been dreaming about this too long. My new apartment, or as they call it her"Flat", was small but modern. It was a two bedroom apartment with white and black walls. The curtains were a dark shade of yellow and that was perfect for me.  I got settled in all that I could. Not all of my stuff had arrived yet but I was making the best of what I had. 

After a day of setting up and reorganizing my apartment I laid down on my bed. I was so tired, not sleepy, but a worn out tired. My eyelids felt heavy and I finally gave in to their cries for sleep. When I woke up, I looked over at my clock. It read 4:22 a.m. I had been sleeping for ten hours. There was no way I could go to sleep after that. What in the world am I supposed to do for another three or so hours? I attempted to sleep again, and just lay on my bed gazing at the ceiling. It's amazing the things you do when you're bored. I had counted all the cracks on the ceiling and started watching shadows. The more I watched them, the more they morphed. It had seemed to me like there was creatures crawling across my walls. My senses sharpened, the way they do when I get scared. My heart started beating faster and the thought of being alone in an apartment, in an area I wasn't familiar with in the slightest, reoccurred in my mind. Anything could happen to me, and no one would know about it. I was in a panic and I didn't know what to do to calm my nerves. 

I finally decided to just pull out my laptop. I opened it and logged on to my Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I decided I would make a status about my new home. -Janessa Williams "Made it to Holmes Chapel, wide awake and missing my family! Love you guys! Hope everything at home is going well! <3" I grew tired of Facebook very quickly, there was no new posts or pictures to keep me preoccupied. I switched off between Twitter and Pinterest until about 6:00 a.m. The sun was starting to peak through my curtains and made the room glow. I decided to just get up and take a shower, my as well get up and be productive. I had finished my shower and was ready for the day by about eight. I decided to familiarize myself with my new home town. I headed out and wandered the streets. There were a lot of little shops and I had gone into every one. I already loved this place and it hadn't even been a full day! Ahead I saw a bakery. It looked like a nice place for breakfast. I made my way over to this little bakery. Right when I entered I was greeted by a young man, He looked around the same age as me, maybe a year or so younger.

"Welcome to Mandeville's Bakery," the young man said with a darling British accent.

"Thank you" I said to him, wondering if that was the right time to say it. People say things a little different here and I didn't want to stand out.

"Anything I can do for you?" the young man asked looking directly into my eyes.

"Ummmmm," I said, not knowing at all what I felt like.

He grinned at me, noticing my dilemma, "I would suggest the vanilla slices, most people love that."

I smiled, "Then I guess I will take that."

"Well, it was a suggestion, don't feel forced just because I suggested it. To be perfectly honest my favorite is the plain biscuit, it's pretty basic but that is how I like it," the young man said winking at me.

"I like things pretty basic as well, I think I will take both," I said with a little more confidence.

"Perfect. I'll get that right out to you. Go ahead and have a seat."

I headed over to the nearest table and sat down. The next thing I knew, this young man was walking out with two plates and his apron was no longer around his waist like before.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you, I haven't eaten my breakfast yet," the young man said placing my plate in front of me and waiting for a response before he joined me at the table.

"Sounds good to me," I said kicking the extra chair out towards him so he could sit down. He smiled at me and sat down.

"My names Harry, what is your name darling?" 

"My name is Janessa," I said shyly.

"You aren't from around here are you Janessa?" Harry asked with an adorable look on his face.

"Guess it was obvious, right?" I giggled, "So you're right, I am not from here. I actually moved here yesterday from the US."

"I knew it," he remarked leaning back slightly in his chair, "Your accent gave it away."

"My accent?" I questioned, forgetting that I sounded different to people out here.

"Yes, love, your accent is cute, but defiantly not British." 

I blushed, he was defiantly smooth with his words. 

"May I ask why you chose to move out here?" Harry said finishing up his breakfast. I hadn't noticed how fast he had eaten, I had barely touched my food.

 I took a bite of my biscuit and had to hurry and swallow so I could answer his question. I ended up looking like a moron trying to hurry and swallow. As I swallowed I realized how dry the biscuit was and started to cough. I coughed up the biscuit and it landed right in front of him. My face turned bright red, I quickly grabbed the soggy biscuit with my napkin and put it back on my plate. Harry sat there for a minute staring at me, then he burst out laughing.

"You, you are adorable." He said shaking his head. My face, once again, turned bright red.

"Oh yes, coughing up your breakfast on a boy you just met is TOTALLY adorable." I said sarcastically.

"I am glad you get it,"he laughed, "So, you gonna tell me why you moved here or do you not want to share?"

"No I can share, I moved here because my grandma grew up here. I heard so many good stories about this place and when my grandma passed away last year I felt like this was the place I wanted to live. Once I graduated, my parents decided to let me move out to the wonderful Cheshire, England. It took loads of persuasion, but they finally realized I wouldn't take no for an answer." I smiled, thinking of my parents and wondering what they were doing at this exact moment.

"Well, I hope you enjoy it here. This is a great place!" Harry said acting proud.

"I hope I do too!" I said with slight doubt.

"Well, I think I need to get back to work, this place will crumble without me," he teased, "Looks like you've finished your breakfast anyways, I wouldn't want to keep you."

I looked down, I didn't even realize I had finished. "Thanks for the chat." I told him standing up.

"No, thank you love." Harry said smiling.

"Maybe I'll come by tomorrow"

"Until then," Harry winked.

I left the bakery, soon to become my favorite hang out, with a grin on my face.

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