Life As I Knew it

This is a story about the life of Janessa Williams. How she handles moving to a different country, and how she meets the love of her life there. His journey to stardom and how she handles it.


2. My First New Friend

I continued my journey around town and headed back to my apartment for lunch. I made myself a sandwich and then decided to get on my computer. I got onto Facebook and saw that my mom had commented on my last status.

"Love you Nessa! Hope England is all you dreamed it would be! **hugs and kisses**" 

I smiled, I wished they could be here with me, my life would be perfect if they were. Then again, if life was perfect, it'd be boring. I closed my laptop and laid down. Today had been lovely! I closed my eyes for just a moment and before I realized it, it was already 8:00. I hadn't been getting consistent sleep, maybe all this is just jet lag, I didn't even consider that. My stomach gurgled. I hadn't eaten since noon. There has to be something open at this hour. I went to the bathroom and freshened myself up. I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door. I wandered around the streets. I wasn't really scared, which was shocking because I am constantly scared. It seemed really dark and there wasn't many people out and about. I walked until I saw this simple cafe. I walked in, and saw quite the crowd. I like crowds, so this made me feel a little more comfortable. I was greeted by a tall thin women with her blonde hair pulled back into a low ponytail. 

"Table for one?" She questioned. 

"Yes, thank you!"

"One moment," the women said heading towards the back. When she came back, she led me to a small table with two chairs, I figured they wouldn't really have a table for one, but this worked perfectly. I sat down and gazed at the menu. She brought me a water and I ordered. I finished my dainty dish and left, what I felt was, a pretty good tip. I went home and fell right asleep. What a perfect end, to a perfect day.

I woke up the next morning at 7:00 a.m. I decided to walk to the bakery that I had been to the day earlier. Not only was the food good, but I had a new friend. I walked the few blocks to the bakery. When I entered, I didn't see Harry. I ordered my food anyways and sat at the same table I did the day earlier. I had almost finished my biscuit when I heard footsteps and a shadow covered the table. I looked up and saw Harry. I smiled at him and he smiled back, revealing his adorable dimples. 

"You came back?" Harry said sitting down at the chair across from mine.

"Obviously," I said pointing to where I was sitting. 

"Ha, bad question. So, How ya been love?" Harry asked with general interest.

"I am great actually, thanks for asking, how are you?"

"I am better now," he smiled looking at me. I felt my face turn pink.

"Hey, I was thinking, if you want, I can show you around town if you want. Since you are new here and all," he suggested rather confidently.

"Sure," I replied, "That would actually be really nice! I have been having trouble finding places to hang out and eat."

"Well then, I'll be glad to help out! How about you stop by here after I get off work and we'll make a date of it." Harry stated leaning back in his chair.

"Sounds like a deal, what time do you get off?"

"I get off around 7:00, see you then?" He said standing up.

"Perfect," I said finishing the last of my biscuit. I stood up and we both went our ways.

"Tonight is going to be fun," I thought," I can't wait." I went home and got ready for the fun night that lay ahead.


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