Sleepless Nights

Megan Malik is an average 18 year old girl. But when her big brother Zayn comes to her house to celebrate his 20th birthday, things change a little bit. Megan's best friend Alexis has to move to New York for music school, and she ends having nightmares and Harry is always there to comfort her and protect her. And Megan falls for Harry. Did Megan find true love? Read to find out!


1. Coming Home

                                        Megan's P.O.V

Okay, chips, sodas, cake... on the way, music, cupcakes.... Crap! What am I missing?Oh, yeah! Zayn's birthday presentHow can I forget his birthday present!? Oh, hi sorry bit on a hurry here. Anyways, I'm Megan Lilly Malik. So, my brother Zayn is coming over to celebrate his 20th birthday! I'm super excited! But yeah I think he's only staying for the night, but I really don't know. So yeah.... I think he should be here any minute now. I have a friend her name is; Alexis Charlotte Tomlinson. Yeah, she's Louis Tomlinson's little sister. If your wondering where she is, she is outside to keep a look out for the boys. So yeah, we are so super excited this is the first time in awhile we have seen our brothers!! I am crossing my fingers that Zayn will love the party that I and Alexis is throwing for him! 

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