Its about me just sitting in the park one day then Liam showes up and we fall in love


1. The Park Day

    Today was like alot of other days terriable i hate beaing around people somtimes. I am very quiet i ust have a few close friends but im shy so  somtimes people just dont talk to me from the start. I felt alone at school my family just moved so i didnt have any freinds here. The only place i like going is the park. There is a tree in the back I sit under and listen to my music on my Ipod. I enjoy beaing by myself sometimes. So I decided to head to the park I walked there and sat under what I now call my tree. I went to my favorite band One Direction. I loved them and i had a massive crush on Liam. I closed my eye and just listend then out of no were a football hit me in my head. I got up very confused looking . Someone ran up behind me and grabbed my sholder. I tured around and it was Liam Payne i was shocked at first he asked if i was ok. I didnt respond at first still in shock about him. Then responed yes just fine. He smiled at me and asked what my name is. I quickly blurted out Grace. Then he said well hello im Liam. I know who you are i chuckled. Hey you wanna take a walk? On the inside i was like omg Liam freakin Payne asked to walk with him, but I said nicely and calmly. We started to hold hands while walking around the park while talking. I just then started to realize I dont like Liam cause he is Liam Payne from One Direction. I like him for him not for his fame. Liam theb stopped and said i know we just met and everytimg but would you  like to go a date with me sometime? I said yes, but then i relized it was dark outside. So Liam walked me home we sttoped outside my door call me I said holding out  a piece of paper with my number on it. I blushed as i was handing it to him. Then he started to lean in befor i knew it our lips crashed together and we were kissing. We both broke away i smiled and walked inside. I quickly ran up to my room blasted my Take Me Home album and started to dance around to Live While Were Young next Kiss You came on i was singing loudly to it. Then i fell on my be and started dreaming about Liam and waas faslty asleep.

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