Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


10. Zayn's leaving and so am I...


    Today's the day... Zayn's leaving. I have been tutoring Zayn for just a week, comes out Brittany is having this HUGE party but she's going to wait for Zayn's return. She was going to have it like a week ago but she cancelled it.  Zayn has been acting really weird, like he likes me but he wants to date me for a different reason. Gwynna and Niall got together and Harry and my bestest friend Kaya, are dating. 

" Bye. I'll see you in a while." Zayn said hugging me. I hugged him tight. Not wanting him to go. I squinted my eyes, hoping this was all just a dream. His arms were around my neck and my hands were touching his chest.

" I love you." He whispered.

" I love you too." I whispered back. We separated from our hug, tears slipping out of our eyes.

" Never forget me." I giggled. He chuckled and hugged me one more time. I smiled at him as he slowly walked into the airport with the lads. Kaya, Gwynna, and me were all just standing there.

" Ugh. I'm hungrah!" Gwynna yelled. She's just like Niall.

" Let's go eat at Nando's." We all got in my car and drove off.

" You know. I think, Zayn likes you." Gwynna giggled. She never gets out of her blonde moments.

" Maybe. Maybe not." i laughed. I turned down the streets to get to Nando's.

** Zayn's POV ** 

 Today's the big day. The day I'll be shown in the t.v. I sat down on my assigned seat in the plane and buckled up. I was sitting next to Niall, Harry was sitting next to Louis and Liam was sitting with someone random.

 That one dare Brittany gave me,  it's in progress.

" So," Niall said to break the silence.

" So, what?" I asked.

" I don't know, it just feels weird being all quite." He shrugged. I bit my lip and and put on my head phones. I turned up the volume to Forever Young. Niall ordered some food and once in a while would ask me some questions.

" What time is it?"i asked once i stopped the music. I leaned back on the seat slowly closing my eyes.

" 12:30 pm." Niall said locking his phone.

" mm." i moaned and covered my eyes with my hands. I don't know when, but i fell asleep.

** Niall's POV ** 

  Somethings wrong with Zayn. I mean, he sure likes Tianna, but he seems like he's wanting to date her for another reason. It's just to strange. Whatever. He better not hurt her though.

" Pss!" Louis whispered from behind us.

" What?" i asked looking back.

" Is Zayn sleeping?" Louis asked.

" Yeah."

" Oh. So. I'm bored."

" Yeah. Me too." I sorta laughed.

" Is Harry sleeping?" I asked him.

" Yeah. Long time ago."

" His girlfriend is cute. Wonder where he met her."

" Tianna is friends with her." Louis answered my question.

" oh." there was just a weird awkward silence.

" Please fasten your seat belts, we are about to land." A worker said through the intercom.

" Yes." Louis cheered. I fastened my seatbelt and woke up Zayn.

" hmm. What?" He asked getting up.

" We're here." I said.

" Oh. Right." He sat down straight and also fastened his seatbelt.

** Tianna's POV ** 

" You have to be careful with Zayn." 
" I know Kaya." I giggled. I was laying down on her lap. Facing up to her. Gwynna had left already.

" No, I'm being serious. You know how boys are these days. Be careful on who you date." She smiled playing around with my hair.

" Mmmmtttayyy!!! Mum." We both began to laugh.

" So you told him that you were expensive when he asked if you were free on Friday?" She laughed.

" Yeah. He was all like ' are you free on Friday?' and i was like ' no, I'm expensive.' then he just corrected himself." we both cracked up laughed.

" Wow, i taught you well." She winked. I got up and went to the kitchen. 

* knock * knock *

" I'll get it!" I yelled at Kaya. I slowly ran to to the front door and swung it open.

" Hello." Someone said and just walked in.

" Brittany?" I asked once i saw who it was.

" Um, yes. Do you not have eyes?" she snorted.

" Anyway. I'm not here to insult you." She began.

" Im here to just talk." What?! No.

" um.. I'm kinda busy." lies. Well, kinda.

" oh, well then I guess you don't want to hear what Zayn said about you." She said walking away.

" Wait!" I said grabbing her hand.

" I thought so." She smiled and walked to the living room.

" Kaya, this is Brittany." I introduced them.

" Can you go?" Brittany asked Kaya, a bit to nicely. Kaya nodded and walked away.

" Okay, what did he say?" I asked excitedly.

" This isn't good news." She scuffed.

" Well, he said you're a big, fat pig, that has no boobs or butt, her breath smells like cow shit, smells worse than her breath and is blonder than Gwynna." I couldn't breath. Was I all those things?!

" GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! YOUR JUST LIEING! GET OUT, I SAID OUT!" I yelled, tears pouring out. She gave me a disgusted look and walked out.

" Kaya!" I yelled. She came running down to me.

" What did she say?!" Kaya asked looking worried at my state.

" Does my breath smell?" 

" No, it actually smells good." she smiled.

" Do I smell bad?" I asked.

" No, you always smell like sugar plum, strawberry, or something delicious." She giggled.

" Im a blonde?" She furiously shook her head.

" No, your smarter than me. And I'm pretty smart!" She laughed.

" Do you think I'm fat?"

" Okay, what's wrong?! Your NOT fat. Who told you?!" She was now mad.

" Zayn said so." I began to cry more.

" Well, I told you. He's not worth your tears. He doesn't know what he's missing. Don't worry, your none of those things." She gave me a re assuring smile and helped me up from the couch. She walked me over to my room and tucked me in bed.

" Thanks mum!" I joked. We both laughed a bit and she soon joined me in bed.


** Kaya's POV ** 

" Yeah. So you're gonna be on at 8:00pm?" I asked Niall over the phone.

" Yeah." He said.

" Hey um. Zayn called Tianna a fat pig, that has no boobs or butt, is ugly, smells bad and all these mean things." I decided to tell Niall because he's really close to Tianna.

" WHAT?!" He nearly yelled.

" Yeah. And you should have seen her yesterday." He sighed on the other line and said good bye. I unlocked the bathroom door and walked over to Tianna's room.

" Tianna?" I asked getting in. Where is she?!

" Tianna?" I asked again. I looked under the bed, in the closet, in the other rooms, kitchen, living room. Everywhere. But she was no where to be seen.

" shit." I said to my self once i found her phone plugged in its charger. How does she leave without her phone?! I walked back to the other bathroom. Empty tooth paste bottle, all the shampoo is gone, as well as the body wash. I sat down on the toilet, the lid was down.

" Ugh." It smelt like vomet! Shit! I bounce up and lift the lid. Yup. She threw up. No. No. No. Mother efer. She's trying to be skinny because of what Zayn said.. I'm going to kill that mofo! I grabbed my phone and dialled Niall.

" Hello?" He answered.

" Niall?!" I asked worried.

" Um yes. What happened?!" he asked shocked.

" Tianna, she, she's missing! She threw up in the toilet, she forced it! She took a shower and even used up all the soap!" I was truly scared.

" you go look for her. I'm going to talk to Zayn." We said good bye and hung up. I ran to the closet and put on my sweater.

** Niall's POV ** 

" ZAYN?!" I yelled.

" Wow man. What's up?" Louis stopped me.

" GET AWAY!" I yelled and ran to Zayn.

" Vas Happenin?!" He chuckled.

" This is happening!" I yelled and punched him. He fell to the ground rubbing his cheek.

" Boys!" Someone yelled from the management. We were rehearsing for the auditions. I slowly walked away, knowing I would get in big trouble if i made a smart move.

" What was that for?!" Harry asked when i reached him.

" Tianna is missing because of him!" I whispered slash yelled.

" why?! Didn't they like love each other?!" He asked.

" Zayn called her fat and all these things. Now she's becoming anorexic." Harry gasped. 

" Yeah. I know. Harsh. " I exhaled out madly and clenched my jaw.

" He totally deserved that." Harry scuffed.

** Brittany's POV ** 
   Zayn's never said those things. I lied. You see, that dare. It's a dare. He has to do it! But he has to dump her in the meanest way ever. He just has to. Zayn knew I wanted to join him and the boys on the X-Factor, but he said no. So I'm going to make it EXTRA hard for Tianna to fall for him. I could easily make him fall for me. I mean, I have the beautiful blonde hair, the blue eyes, the smile, the money. I have it all. 

Let's just see how Zayn does it all. He is the Bradford Bad Boy.

** Tianna's POV ** 

  I ran through the busy streets of Wolverhampton not wanting anyone to find me. I paid the nearest taxi to bring me here. So now, I'm living here, in Wolverhampton. I know I should have said good bye but, I just needed to leave. If Zayn said that. Then i have to find a better man. I don't need him in my life. Honestly. I don't need anyone. Just me. And my little savings.


   Vas Happenin?! Lol, so how did you guys like this chapter? :).. I have to tell you guys something really sad...

 My mum... She has breast cancer.. :'(.. Well, it's a cancerous tumor. Not sure how to spell that. I'm REALLY scared. I don't want my mum to die :'(... I know I haven't updated Beaten in like FOREVER. But I have been going to the kimos with my mum, and never had much time to update. I'll try to update more. My phone broke down so I can't do update this on it, but i have been updating this on my tablet. (not trying to brag!) But yeah. I honestly am scared. 

    Who lives in California, Yubacity??????? CUZ I live near there. We can totally meet:p!!! Whatever.. Byyyeeeeee;)

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