Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


4. You give me love pain

 " I LIKE IT LIKE IT!" Rihanna's song s&m was playing threw the loud speakers.

" I might be bad but I'm perfectly good!" I singed rubbing up on some dude. I was drunker than Gwynna. The guy was rubbing up on rubbed my butt. His crotch heavily rubbing up on my thigh. Zayn and Gwynna kissing in a corner, Harry flirting with this blonde, Niall eating, and Louis was jumping around drunk. I looked at Zayn and Gwynna. Their eyes sparkling as they kissed. If only I could be her and look into his eyes. Be able to say I love with you without an objection. How lucky..

" TIANNA!" Some one yelled over the music. I turned around and say Niall. He waved me to go. I walked over to him and sat down next to him.

" I'm getting tiered.. Lets go to my place?" I looked at the time; 1:53 pm.

" Sure, can you drive?" I asked. He nodded his head and led me to his car. I took one last glance at the house before he drove off. I pictured Zayn and Gwynna kissing.. He was like love again first sight. Really.

" we're here." Niall said turning the car off. Wow, for how long was i thinking about them?! He helped me out of the car, since I was drunk. He led me inside, closing the door behind us. He helped me to the couch and took my shoes off. What a gentlemen?

" Tianna.. Have you ever had.." wow, where was this going?! I think the alcohol answered for me.

" No, why sexy bunny?" Wow! Why did I say that?!

" Cause, i know you like Zayn.. I like Gwynna.. We could always pretend.." He winked. I playfully slapped him knowing he was playing.. Hopefully..

" Are you tired?" He asked.

" No.. You?" i asked.

" No.. Wanna watch a movie?" He didn't even let me answer, he just put some random movie on.

" It sometimes works to have one night's when you're hurt.." Some character said to another. I remembered what happened in detention, then at the party, the kiss, and last, his kiss with Gwynna. Their smiles brighter than the sun its self, their mouths whispering sweet things to each other, now.. Now that love.. I small tear escaped my eye. I just needed some one. I swing up and kiss Niall. He was a bit surprised at first but then went with it. I hardly even know him but it feels like I have. Our actions were rough and aggressive.

" Love hurts doesn't it?" Niall asked.

" Yeah.." I say still kissing him. Sloppy kisses all over his body. I pulled his pants down but he stops me.

" Are you sure Tianna?" He asks with worry in his eyes. I sit up straight and tug my hair behind my ear.

" I.. I don't know.." I truly didn't know. I want Zayn, but.. He's taken.

" Here.. Lets just go to bed.. Maybe it's the alcohol in you." He helps me up and leads me to his room.

" I'll sleep on the floor, you can sleep on the bed." Niall says handing me a t-shirt. I slipped down my dress and put the shirt Niall gave me on.

" No need, I need to feel loved." He first gave me a weird look but laid down next to me.

" I know I'm new but.. Your my best friend.." I mumbled putting my head on Niall's bare chest. His chest rose and fell as he breathed.

" you too.." He chuckled. He turned the lamp off and cuddled me tighter, making me feel safe around him. love only gives me pain.. Because Zayn is taken and i cant have him. I slowly drifted to sleep. 


I slowly rise up from Niall's bed.. Empty... I look around the room.. Only me.. Strange. I get up and walk over to the door. I slowly open it and the smell of Nando's fill my noise. Mmm... Walk out and find Zayn and Gwynna eating at the table. They fed each other. Her giggles filled with love. His chuckles filled with love as well.. And my giggle.. Filled with pain.. My eyes filled with pain and sorrow. Why can't he be mine?!


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