Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


7. The Dare

  ** Zayn's POV ** 

   " I dare you.. You have to if you want me to let you go to my party.." Brittany giggled. She was one of the preppies girl in school. I had to do what she said to be able to go to her party.

" I know you Fancy her anyways.. Just ask her out and you can go.. If, she says yes." She said walking away. I just need to make Tianna get a little crush on me.. Then she'll be more than happy to date me.

" Hey Mrs. McClain.." I said to my math teacher. She looked up from her work.

" Can you make Tianna my math partner, and I need some extra work. Can you make Tianna tutor me?" She sighed.

" No." She said shaking her head. I groaned and pulled out my wallet.

" How much?" I asked.

" You do know.. You can't bribe me."

" 300 it is." I passed her €300. She gladly took it and nodded her head. I walked out like a boss.

** Tianna's POV ** 

" Tianna, you have to be Zayn's tutor teacher for three months." I popped my head up from my hands and gasped.

" WHAT?!" I nearly yell.

" You heard me. He either goes home with you, or you go home with him." She walked around the class room handing out papers. I groaned. Bitchy teacher... I didn't pay attention the rest of the day. I was to upset about having to spend my whole entire free time with the guy I dislike the most. The bell rings and i run out.

" wow, wow, wow.." Zayn said grabbing my arm.

" What do you want?" I asked.

" No nothing, since next period is out last period, I just wanted to say we're going over to my house." He winked and walked away.

" FUCKEN PERV!" I yelled as he walked away with his hands forming a 'v' and his younger flicking in between.

  I walked over to my locker and got the things for English out. FUCKEN DAY, FUCKEN TEACHERS.. FUCKEN ME. OUT OF ALL THE FUCKEN TEACHERS, SHE CHOOSE ME TO TOTUR ZAYN.. FUCK THEM.
" Tianna. Your late." Mr. Simons said as i entered the room.

" Sorry, I fell on my way." Stupidest excuse ever.

" Ughhu.." He sighed in disbelief. I rolled my eyes at him.


" Can't believe I'm going to your house." I muttered as i got in Zayn's car. He chuckled a bit and unlocked his Roger.

" You took a shower with me, what's the worst that can happen." He smirked.

" You got in the shower. I didn't." I said.

" Mhm.." He smirked. I playfully hit him.

" Hey! You don't hit the driver!" He said trying to hit me back. He parked his car out of his house and helped me out.

" I can walk." I said once Zayn tried to pick me up. He smirked and unlocked the door. What's up with the smirking?! We entered his house and went straight to his room.

" So, do you need help on multi-" 

" I don't need help on homework.. I need help on getting you." WTF!!


Sorry for the short chapter, i have TONS but i mean TONS of homework.. I'll update once I'm done:p

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