Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


11. Telling her mum

** Kaya's POV ** 

  How are we going to to tell her mum?! How will she react?! I'm really scared.

" Oh, hey Kaya. Didn't know you were here!" Tianna's mum said walking into the house.

" Um yes. If you don't mind of course." I fake giggled.

" No. I don't. Why so serious?" She raised an eyebrow. Shizz.

" Tianna.." I scratched the back of my neck.

" Tianna what?" She began to get worried.

" We can't find her. She just left." Shock and sadness filled Tianna's mum's eyes. I feel so guilty.

" What time is it?" Her mum asked.

" About 5 pm." i said walking back to Tianna's room. Why did she go?! I think I know what to do. I grabbed my phone off the table and called Harry.

" Whats up babe?" He answered. 

" I just wanted to know if I could talk to Zayn." 

" Zayn?!" He nearly yelled.

" Yes Zayn, now hand him over." He sighed and i heard the phone being moved around.

" Hello?" Zayn answered.

" Hey ass hole! Tianna's missing because of you! So if you don't make it, go find her, then you say sorry! And if you do make it, then when ever you have a break, you come and find her!" I yelled and hung up. That'll teach him.

** Tianna's POV **

" How many rooms?" The clerk said.

" Just one."

" That'll be 50 for the night." i gave her the money and got the key to the hotel.

" Floor 5, room 58." i repeated out loud. The bad thing is that I'm staying in London instead. Yeah I know. Where Zayn is. I was told here was better. Hopefully we don't stay in the same hotel! God if i see that guy one more time I'll punch him so hard he'll be bleeding through his butt-

" Hey!" Some one with a deep british accent said. I couldn't really see his face. All I could see is that he was about Zayn's height. He got in the elevator pressed floor 5.. Yes! I can have a sexy man in my floor!! Yes!

** ding **

 We both got off the elevator and went the same direction. I found out we're neighbours.. Yay..

" Hey!" The guy said to another guy that opened the door.

" Whats up?" An Irish accent said.. I could never forget that accent..

" Just move aside Niall." Holy mother-

  I'm guessing it was Zayn I was in the elevator in. He entered the hotel room and left Niall just standing there. He walked outside and looked around. I couldn't let him see me! I struggled trying to open the door. Fail. FAIL. I tried like five different ways. I stopped, looked around. He's gone. 

  I sighed out loud and tried one more time to open the door.

" You do know your doing it wrong?" Some one said. I jumped up and turned around. God where did Niall come from?!

" um, yeah. I, ugh, i know." I didn't know what to do! I just stood there. 


" Here." Niall smiled and pushed me away. He put the key in the lock and twitched it.

* pop *

" Its unlocked." He laughed. I smiled and took the key.

" Thanks." i mumbled. I walked in and began to shut the door. It wouldn't shut! I look at the ground. Niall's foot. Great.

" Can I come in?" He didn't wait, he just came in.

" Why did you run away?!" He asked.

" I needed to leave. Start my own life. You know, leave the nest. Everybody's gotta do that one day." i shrugged.

" Yeah but your only 17!" He raised his eyebrows.

" So, some start early, some start late. I want to start early." Niall shook his head and face palmed himself.

" No. Go back home." He smiled.

" No! I'm not going! Your not my boss! Why won't you go to your room!" I yelled and shoved him out. I was hurt because of Zayn, and it's going to take a really long time to recover. Niall sadly shook his head and walked away. I can't believe I just kicked out my best guy friend.. I feel so bad.

" Tianna!" I heard someone yell from outside. I moaned and got up.

" Yes?" I said opening the door. It was Zayn. Wohoo!

" Can we talk?" He said stepping in.

" No." I said pushing him out.

" Just hear me out!" He said getting back in.

" I already heard everything you have to say." I said coldly.

" No you haven't." He said back. He slammed the door shut and put lock.

" Lock isn't necessary, your going to leave soon." I smiled and unlocked it.

" fine." he rolled his eyes and began to talk.

Lets see what he has to say...


 Sorry for the short chapter!! Who want to co author me know The False Princess??? But you guys have to read the first book!! It's the sequel:p!! Who wants to?? I need one ASAP!!

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