Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


3. Party

I stepped out of the hot shower being hit by the cold air. I wrap a towel around my body and walk out. I had my own bathroom in my room so I didn't have to worry about anything. I rumble threw my clothes trying to find the perfect outfit. I decided to out on a black sparkly dress that comes down to my knees but is tight and some black high heels that are red on the bottom. I quickly apply eyeliner and mascara just to give me that sexy loom. I also put on shiny red lip gloss, not to red but not to dull. I leave my hair natural and spray a couple squirts of coco butter kiss perfume on me.

" Bye Mum!" I yelled running out the front door. I get in my car and started the engine. I look at Zayn's address and slowly followed the instructions. Once I got to his house.. Wow.. It was PACKED! Trash everywhere, guys in every corner. Music blasting threw the windows.. Drunk teens passed out in the lawn.. Wow.. I parked my car and got off.

" Hey sexy.." Some random drunk dude came up to me. I shoved him away and kept walking.

" TIANNA!" Zayn screams threw the music. He finally finds his way over to me. The smell of beer hit me when he arrived. A cup of beer in his hands. He offered me a sip.

" Um.. No thanks.." i say pushing the cup away. Zayn shrugged and kept drinking.

" LET'S PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" Im guessing Louis screamed. We all huddled Into a big circle. Not everyone played.

" Okay, i go first!" Louis yelled.

" Zayn.. TRUTH or DARE?" he asks.

" Im going for.. DARE!" Zayn winks at me.

" Fine.. I dare you to.. Date.." He looked around the room. His eyes suddenly locking with mine. A devious smile on his lips..

" Tianna.." He smirked.

" But I have a girlfriend!" Zayn yells. Louis shrugged.

" So." Louis shrugged again.

" Fine.. Tianna.. Will you be my girlfriend?" That was so not awkward.

" No.." i simply say. I mean, yeah he's hot and stuff but.. He has a girlfriend!

" yay!" Zayn cheers. What a fake cheer.

" okay, my turn." Zayn chuckles.

" Louis.. I dare you to.." He also looked around.

" Kiss.. Tianna!" Why me?!

" Okay.." Louis smirked. He crawls over to me and places his soft plump lips on mine. He kisses really hard and rough, yet nice. Once we separate he gives me a glare.

" Tianna.. I dare you to say yes when Zayn asks you out." i shook my head as a yes. I mean, I'm a risk taker.

" Okay, Gwynna.." I looked over at her.

" I dare you to kiss.. Niall." More than happy she did, I mean, she was over the top drunk!

" okay, Zayny Waney! Moma.. Dares.. You.. To ask out Tianna.." Dam, she was drunk! She couldn't even talk! Shoot, i have to say yes because of Louis!

" Tianna will you go out with me?" Zayn asks.

" fine.." I answer in a groggy voice. Who knows who but someone turned the music back on and everyone left.

" Since your my girlfriend.. I have the right to do this." He grabbed the back of my head and brings it closer to his. Our noses touch and he kisses me the most nicest way ever. My fingers playing with his hair and his hand on my waist. No space in between, it felt like it was just me and him. No one else. Like the world stopped and it was only us moving. Like gravity failed and i was flying. Just me and him, our lips locked together, no space in between.. Paradise. When we do sewerage we're both gasping for air.

" Are we really together?" I ask.

" I don't think so.. I'll think about it tomorrow.." he winked.

" I didn't ask you out.." I say completely confused.

" i know.." grinned.. Wtf.. He makes no sense. He brought me some beers that i gladly took. I need a break. I began to dance, oh my god.. I never thought it could get any better.


Sorry for the short chapter!! But it's like 12:00 pm:p!! I'll update tomorrow at around 12 or so.. Today's the 25 of January over here in California:) yup, I'm a california chick;)

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