Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


1. New school

" Hello.. My name is Tianna.." I said to my new class mates. They all stared at me with weird face expressions.

" Any questions to her?" Mr.. She.. What's his name? Ah yes.. Mr. Simons. Hands shot up in the air. At least six.

" Yes Niall.." The teacher asked annoyed.

" Whats your favourite restaurant?" He asked excited.

" I would have to say Nando's." i smirked. His eyes widened.

" Me too!" He yelled. The teacher then asked another student.

" Where did you live before?" A boy with brown curly hair and emrold green eyes asked. I shuffled my light blue skirt around before I opened my eyes.

" I lived in California." They all widened there eyes. I live in Doncaster now.

" Are you a dare devil?" A boy smirked. He had brown straight hair and blue green hair.

" Yes.. I can always take a good challenge." I smirked. A boy with black hair and deep brown eyes winked at me.

" Last question!" Mr. Simons said once he chose the boys who winked at me.

" What do you find attractive in a guy?" He asked with a cheeky smile. I had to think for a while.

" Cute, mysterious, dangerous, sweet, caring, plays some type of interment... And.. Is also a risk taker.." i winked back and he chuckled.

" Okay that's it for today.. Thank you Tianna." i smiled and walked down the row of desks to my desk. I didn't pay attention to the teacher I just played with my brown wavy hair and once in a while i would steal a glance at the boys that winked at me. He was so gorgeous! Once the bell ringed I swung up and fast walked out of the class room. I ran to my locker and picked at the lock. Once I finished I swung it open and shoved my things in there. It was break. I applied some more like gloss while watching myself in the little mirror I had in there. Once I closed it I lifted my head to see that one boy!

" Hey beautiful!" He teased. I smiled and walked away. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back.

" What the hell?!" i said once he let go.

" Im Zayn.. Zayn Malik." He grinned. I tried to mimic his grin but i couldn't. He laughed at me and shook his head.

" look. I'm having a party today after school.. Your invited. I will give you my address later." He smiled and began to walk away. * SMACK!*. I feel a great pain in my right butt cheek. I turn around and see a grinning Zayn.. FUCK you Zayn.. Just.. Just fuck you.. I began to walk back outside.

" Tiana?" Some girl asked. I shook my head as a yes.

" oh, hey! I'm Gwynna!" She smiled at me. Her blonde hair was crimped and her tight jeans showed to much butt.

" Hey.." I weakly smiled. 

" Here! You can hand with us." She walked over to a group of boys and a couple of girls.

" This is my boyfriend." She said walking over to Zayn.. I mentally frowned. To bad. He weakly smiled as she approached his presence. Can he be mine?


LOL sorry for the short chapter:p This movella is made just for Tianna:) hope you guys enjoy!! Oh you guys know how often told you about music ex.. Well.. His new girlfriend has fake teeth!!! LOL, not even my grandma!!! LOL! She's also into drugs.. I mean Wtf?! I don't have fake teeth, do drugs and don't care about my hair!!! LOL, read my other movellas?! Thanks love!!!!!!!

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