Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


9. Meeting his parents and getting more work


  " Zayn! We're home!" I heard a female voice scream from downstairs.

 " Coming mom!" He yelled. He gave a me smirk and sorta shoved me outside.

 " Mum, i hope you don't mind. But I brought a friend over, well, she's actually supposed to tutor me.

 " Oh, Hello! My name is Tricia! Nice to meet you!" We had a small hug.

 " Hello, my name is Tianna!" I smiled. She rubbed my arm and smiled.

 " How about you stay for dinner?" I looked at my phone; 5:30 pm!

 " Oh, sorry, I have to go!" I said biting my lip.

 " Okay. Well, next time." She said while i grabbed my bags and walked out. Zayn soon followed me behind. We got in his car and drove off.

 " My mum needs a baby sitter for my younger sisters. Are you up for the job!?" He chuckled.

 " Im not sure." I said cringing. he chuckled and kept driving.

 " You do know, we have only kissed once." Zayn smirked.

 " So." I said. He shrugged and kept driving.

 " How about we go to dinner tomorrow?" Zayn asked me.

" We have school."

" after school."

" ugh, I'll think about it."

" How about Friday? Are you free Friday?" Zayn asked.

" No, I'm expensive." we both laughed.

" Okay, how about we go eat on Friday?" He chuckled. I nodded my head as a yes. The car suddenly broke down! It was raining out side, the car broke down..great.. Just great. Wait! When did it start to rain.. Awkward.…

 " I guess we have to walk." Zayn said getting off the car. I also got off, instantly getting soaked by the pouring rain. I ran to Zayn as he hugged me. We began to walk home in the rain.

" Wet so soon?" Zayn smirked. I playfully slapped him as we walked.

" Why does your my mum need a baby sitter?" i asked.

" Cause, I'm gonna leave for a while." I gave him a confused face and stopped.

" When? Where? How?" Questions just kept spilling out.

" Me and the boys are auditioning for the X-Factor." he sighed. (they're gonna be a group in this)

" ohh well, them yeah. I can help her." Zayn smiled and hugged me. We were all soaked and wet. Most awkward thing ever.

" Yeah, I'm leaving in the next summer. Aka, in a little, the school year is almost over." He bit the inside of his cheek.

" oh, when will you be back?"

" If I do pass, then in like three months." I faked a frown and we laughed.

" Well, we're here. Want to come in?" I asked. He shook his head and slowly walked away.

" Bye!" He yelled blowing me a kiss. I blew one back and ran inside.

" Zayn's mum called. She said that she needed a baby sitter, you're going tomorrow." My, um said right when I was about to go up stairs.

" Um, okay." I said running as fast as I could to my room. She didn't even see how I looked. When i entered my room I stripped down and turn heads warm water on shower.

" I wanna be drunk when i wake up, on the right side of the wrong bed." I mumbled the rest of Ed Sheeran's song, drunk.

  I got in the shower and began to hum to some songs.  As I washed my hair I remembered Zayn's touches, his hair, his eyes, the perfection of his. I closed my eyes and imagined him. I rinsed off the shampoo and just stood there, in the water. I slowly scrubbed my body. Not forgetting what I was thinking about; Zayn.


Sorry for the short chapter:) My ex dumped his girlfriend! LOL, like i care but.. I don't know.. His name on twitter is Aj. He's following me, you can look him up:p ill update later:)


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