Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


6. Going shopping

 I changed into what Gwynna gave me and brushed my teeth. I was wearing a white lace shirt, some blue jeans, and some white toms. I let my hair be naturally wavy and put some lip gloss.

" Are you ready Tianna?" Niall said banging on the bathroom door. (lol, do you guys know shaggy?)

" Yeah, one sec.." I made sure everything was perfect and got out.

" What took you so long?" Zayn smirked. I rolled my eyes at him.

" kay.. Lets go!" Gwynna said in her blonde voice. We all walked over to Zayn's black Roger.

" I'll drive, Gwynna can go in the front with me." Niall said going into the driver seat. Even though i liked Zayn.. His movements are cheeky.

" So, did you like what you saw?" Zayn was referring to the shower.

" No." I said turning to look out the window.

" Don't lie.." He chuckled. Niall and Gwynna were having their own conversation.

" I never do.." I said in a bitch way. The whole way there I was looking out the window and sooner or later Zayn joined Niall and Gwynna's conversation.

" We are here!" Gwynna said in an announcer voice. We all got off and entered the small mall. Gwynna grabbed my hand and dragged me to Victoria's secret. (That's a bra/underwear store if you didn't know).

" Come on boys!" She yelled to the two boys who were just standing outside the store awkwardly. They both entered with a fake smile. Me and Gwynna went straight the bras. I found a white one that had a black lace over. I was looking at it when I fell someone pull my hair back.

" Are you gonna model that for me tonight, or what?" Zayn whispered in my ear. I turn around and see Gwynna all alone.

" Go tell that to YOUR girlfriend." i said pointing to Gwynna. He sighed and walked over to her. He is so gross. Ever since i saw him naked, i don't know.. Everything is different now.

 We went to many stores, buying almost everything in our way. We finally decided to go home.

" You know.. I think we're gonna be great friends." Gwynna giggles.

" well, you kinda saw me naked.." We both giggle at my response. Niall and Zayn both in the front.

" We should do this again.." Gwynna said. Her head was on my lap, facing up.

" we're here girls." Zayn said getting off the car.

" Well, it's like 5:30 pm, i need a lift home." I stayed in the car.

" I can take you." Zayn said.

" Can you take me home, Niall?" I asked. (lol, take me home(;)

" Sure-"

" No need. I can take her." Zayn said pushing Niall out of the way. Zayn got in the driver's seat while I hopped into the passenger seat. He drove off.

" So,  did you enjoy the party?" He asked.

" Not really.." Lies.

" Oh, okay.. So you didn't like our kiss?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.

" Eh, it was alright. I mean, I enjoy Niall's better." He roughly pulls the car over.

" What about this one?" Before I can do anything else, he pushes me up against the window. Our lips softly become one. His lips slowly moving with mine.

" How was that?" He smirked.

" It would have been better if we were single." He bit his lip and started back to my house.

" I'll see you tomorrow at school." Zayn said once he helped me out of the car. I nodded my head and entered my house.

" Young lady! Where have you been?" My mother yelled at me. Think of an excuse.. Think of a excuse..

" I wasssss... Kaya was over in town these couple days, so I just wanted to see herrrr..." Kaya was and always will be my best friend.

" oh.. Well, tomorrow you have school so go and sleep." I nodded my head and ran to my room. I took another quick shower and put my pyjamas on. I slipped into bed and covered my self. Let's see what happens tomorrow...


Sorry for the short chapter!!! But i have to update Beaten:p byeeeeeeeeeeee suckas! Jk;)but ill update tomorrow:)

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