Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


13. Finding out about Zayn

** Louis's POV ** 

" what do you think could have happened?!" i asked setting Tianna down on her bed.

" I don't know, maybe Zayn knows." Niall said clenching his jaw. What's going on?

" Why would Zayn know?" I asked confused.

" Because he's the reason she left." Every one gasped at what Niall said.

" He called her a fat pig, that has no boobs, butt, is ugly, and is blonder than Gwynna." Niall counted them down. We all gasped and looked at Zayn with disgust.

" I didn't call her those names! I swear! Brittany told her I said that!" Zayn yelled.

" Are you sure? Zayn, this is something pretty serious.." Liam said.

" I swear. I can't believe my own friends don't believe me!" He yelled and ran out.  We all looked around.

" That was mean." Liam said. We all nodded.

" How about we see what's wrong with Tianna then fix this Zayn situation." We all agreed and walked over to Tianna. She's so thin, not like last time i saw her, her face was dull, and her hands were thin. I wouldn't be surprised if wind blew in and she flew away. Did Zayn really leave her like this? Her model like body no longer looked like it. Maybe Zayn did leave her like this. I'm not sure.

" She'll be fine. She just needs rest, and food, and water, and plenty of other things..." Liam said once he checked her pulse. That's a good thing he's the smart one.

" But will she be okay?" Niall asked.

" No. She needs to go to the hospital. But we have to go in about 30 minutes. Does anyone have any family members number?" Liam asked.

" I have her best friend's." Harry said.

" Why do you have her best friend's number?! Harry, you have a girlfriend!" Liam said.

" I know, Kaya and Tianna are best friends.." Harry chuckled. He handed Liam his phone.

" Hello?" Liam said once he put the phone against his ear.

" Put it on speaker!" I yelled. He pressed the speaker button and waited for answer.

" Hey guys!" Kaya smiled.

" Hey Kaya?" Liam asked.

" Yeah?"

" Can you tell Tianna's parents to meet us at the central hospital?" She gasped.

" Yeah.. Sure.." She then hung up.

" let's hurry up and take her then.." Liam said picking up Tianna and walking outside. God. She looked just like Bella on twilight saga part one! She's so skinny!


Sorry for the short chapter! Update later!

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