Dare or Not, I Love You

Tianna and Zayn were both dared to date for a month. Tianna is a dare devil and went for it. What happens when the dare ends but their love never ends??


2. Detention moments

" Here's my address Bahama mama!" Zayn said jumping on my desk. He put his butt on all my work.

" Can you go sit somewhere else?" I asked annoyed.

" Whats up with your attitude?" He asked pissed. I rolled my eyes at him and he jumped off.

" Any way.. Here's my phone number and address." He handed me a piece of paper. I bit my lip in the most awkwardest ways.

" Cool.. Are you gonna come?" He asked. I was about to answer when the teacher came bursting in.

" Take your seats.." She said coldly. I didn't pay any attention to what she had to say. I was just having an obsession moment with Zayn... I feel so bad he has a girlfriend.. FUCK her and ah, fuck he too! Hha, i began to sing Ceelo Green's song in my head.

" psss!!" Zayn said poking me from behind.. God. Why did he have to sit behind me?!

" What?" i whisper back.

" Here.." He handed me a note. Hmm.. Interesting..

Zayn: Hey Bahama mama;)

Me: Don't call me Bahama Mama..

Zayn: Okay Hubababa;)

Me: what does that mean?

Zayn: That your hot.. Don't tell me I'm the first guy to tell you!

I was about to write something down but the teacher slammed my knuckles with a ruler.

" Ahh!" i yelled in pain. She ripped out the note from my hand and began to read it out loud. Every one was laughing at the stupid notes.

" Mrs. Carter and Mr. Malik! Detention after school for an hour!" She yelled. To bad this was my last period of the day, English. Me and Zayn both snickered.

* school bell rings *

" Detention!" That stupid fat teacher yells to us. She quickly walks out the room and locks the door. What if he begins to rape me?! Or some type of emergency happens?! What would I do then?! Just bang on the locked door?! Stupid fat teacher.. Zayn takes his phone out and begins to play music. He starts to sing along.

" You sing really good!" I was completely honest! He did sing good!

" Thanks.." He said embarrassed. I giggled and we had this awkward eye to eye contact that lasted like a minute.

" Let's play twenty questions?" He asked, breaking the silence. He moved over to the desk to mine and he started.

" So, do you think I'm attractive?" WHAT TYPE OF QUESTION IS THAT?! What I'm a support to say? ' yeah, actually I stare at your beauty in class.'. No okay! No!

" Different question.." i said shyly.

" NOPE.." he chuckled.

" fine.." i groaned. He crossed his arms waiting for his answer.

" kindaaaa...." i said trying to say it in the squeakest voice ever.

" I knew it!" He yelled. We were not sitting closer.. Awkward.

" Okay, my turn.. Do you find md attractive?" Pay back.

" I don't just find you attractive.. I find you very seducing.." he said. His dark chocolate eyes sparkling from the sun that came in threw the window. He bit his lip.. Dam.. Lip biting is so sexy.

He slowly leans in.. He rubber my cheek with his fingertips. He slowly puts his hand being my head and pulls me in. We both lean in, getting ready for the kiss.

" TIMES UP!" The big fat teacher yells, swinging the door open. We both jump up shocked.

" Well.. I'll see you at the party." Zayn said walking backward with husbands in his pockets. I smiled and we both took our own ways. I walked home by myself.. What a loner..

" My head, is stuck in the clouds.. She begs me to come down. Says ' boy quit fo-" some one stopped me from singing Rhythm of Love.

" You sing pretty good." Zayn said scaring the shizz out of me!

" Have you been following me home?!" i asked shocked.

" maybe.." he chuckled... So not a stalker..

" Aren't you support to get ready for your party?" i asked him.

" Louis is setting it up for me." he smiled. I kept waking home. He just followed.

" Whats about your girlfriend.." i said clenched my jaw.

" I don't really like her.. I mean, she's pretty and all.. But I just don't think she's my type." He said biting the inside of his cheek.

" Well.. I'm home.." I said walking up the steps to get to my house. I didn't want him to come in because my grandma is over and let's just say.. She isn't.. A.. Normal grandma..

" I'll walk you in.." he said running to me.

" No need." i said pulling the handle. Once I stepped in he some how found his way to slowly slip threw me.

" Tianna? Is that you?" Great.. Her comes my grandma.

" Oh dear.. Oh my my.. Hour a good looking man!" She said widening her eyes at me. 

" Great catch Tianna.." She made a thumbs up sign with her thumbs. Omg..

" I better be leaving.." Zayn said walking out.

" Yeah, you better." i said shoving him out. I closed the door and ran to my room. Better get ready for the party!

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