you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


3. part three


PG-13. Violence, Cursing, Kissing etc.


Previously~ He lifts her up bridal style."Come on babe. You should go home. Explain what happened to you in the car." He says and carries her to the car.Lashauna's P.O.V.He is so caring. He's the best friend anyone could ask for ♥



"What happened? Are you okay?" Zayn asks with sincere eyes.


Zayn's P.O.V Lashauna  is so beautiful. Her personality, her eyes, her kindness, everything! I've always liked her, Liam took her away from me. I have so much care and love for her. I keep it a secret. It's really hard though. I will forever and always love Lashauna ♥


Regular P.O.V


"Li-Li-Li" She starts sobbing."WHAT DID LIAM DO?!" Zayn's anger is rising."He was full on making out with Danielle Peazer!!!" she yells, still sobbing."Shhh. It's okay. It's gonna be alright" Zayn says, comforting Lashauna."N-no it won't be al-alright" Lashauna says through tears."You always have me" Zayn said smiling."Yeah, I do. Zayn Malik, you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for" Lashauna said smiling wide. Tears still rolling down her cheeks. "Let's take Lashauna home lads." Zayn says.They eventually reach Lashauna's house and she hugs the boys. She walks over to Zayn and whispers "Thank you... for everything" and kisses his cheek. Zayn blushes a little. "Your welcome Shaun" He smiles widely. The boys leave and Lashauna goes down to her basement, where her brother and his friends are playing X-Box."Shaun! What's wrong? Why are you crying?""Liam" she sighs."WHAT? I warned that bitch. I never trusted him Shaun. Never did. I knew there was something up with him. What did he do?""I walked in on him and... his ex... kissing" She starts crying again."That's it! I'm teaching him a lesson! Austin you call Brandon, Alex and the rest of the football team. I'll get the car started to go pick them up." Tyler, Lashauna's brother says."What are you doing Tyler?! You are a football player! You are buff and so are the rest! What are you going to do to him?" Lashauna asks worried."We're teaching him a lesson." Lashauna's brother says, exiting the basement and out the front door.20 minutes later Lashauna hears police sirens zoom by her house. She turns the news on."Here we have 19 year old Liam Payne, who got jumped by a big group of teenage boys. Tell us what happened Liam"Liam has a bloody lip, bloody nose, bruised eye and bloody scratches every where. Lashauna  bursts into tears."I-I-I d-don't know who they were" Liam winces."B-but I wanted to say something. S-Shaun if you're watching. I want you to know I-" She turns the t.v. off. She doesn't want to see Liam like this and she doesn't want to hear excuses. She saw what happened and it's over with. Nothing to be explained, and nothing will ever make her feel better. Wait, take that back... only one thing will make her feel better.........Zayn Malik ♥

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