you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


6. part six


THIS ONE IS REALLY PG-13!! Be aware!!!Violence, Cursing, Kissing, ETC (Meaning... well you know...)

 Previously~ "I'm okay, now that you're back" He whispers and smiles. Liam lifts her chin up and grabs her

waist pulling her in for a long, romantic kiss. "I understand" They hear a voice behind them.Now~ They turn around to see... Danielle? "Understand what?" Liam asks angrily."That you love that whore more than me. Well babe, that's gonna change soon." Danielle said with a sly grin on her face."Get her boys!" Danielle gestures for 3 buff guys who are in the car. They get out and walk over to Lashauna. They grab Lashauna and put her in the car. "Danielle what are you doing ?!" Liam asks worriedly."Making you love me!" She says and pulls him into the car. They all drive off."I'm scared Liam!" Lashauna whispers in his ear."Me too Shaun. Just remember that I love you and always will." Liam says trying to calm down, but he himself is having trouble with that."I love you too baby" Lashauna says leaning in for a kiss."Eh eh eh! No kissing!" Danielle screams up front.They finally reach a big, dark, scary looking building. They pull Liam and Lashauna in there. "Sit in the chair" One of the buff guys says to Lashauna. "But I don't want to" Lashauna says defying him. He pulls out a gun. "Sit in the chair!" He yells.Lashauna  immediately drops the attitude and sits down. They duct tape her to it. Danielle walks next to Liam and pulls him in front of Lashauna."What are you doing Danielle?" Liam asks."Having sex with you." She says."Uh hell no you aren't!" He yells."Take off your clothes!" She yells back."NO!" He defies."Take off your clothes, or Lashauna gets it!" She gestures to the man pointing the gun at Lashauna's head. Liam gives Lashauna  a "Are you okay with this?" Look. She nods her head. "I love you babe" Lashauna says with her eyes tearing up. She wanted to be the one Liam would have a child with. Not Danielle. And definitely not in front of her eyes. Just as Liam starts to take off his pants..."STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!" Someone screams.




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