you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


7. part seven


PG-13Violence, Cursing, Kissing, ETC 


Previously~ Just as Liam starts to take off his pants..."STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!" Someone screams.


Now~ Lashauna's P.O.V


Three people dressed in black walk in. Another person dressed in black walks in... with a pizza box? NIALL!"Let them go." I hear a voice say. I hear light crying too?The buff guy holds the gun to my head. Somebody comes up and wacks the gun out of his hand. And walks away munching on a carrot. Haha Louis. Gotta love him. One of the guys dressed in black punched the guy who held the gun to my head. "If you ever and I mean ever hurt the love of my life, I will kick your ass and your face will be in the cement. You hear me?" somebody said. It's not Zayn though...I am so confused right now. If it wasn't Zayn, who was it? Oh well I have other things to worry about. I mean I'm duct taped to a chair! The same guy walks over and cuts the tape off of me and the chair. "Thank you" I whisper and hug the man, knowing that it's one of the boys. He hugs me super tight. "Your welcome" he kisses my cheek. What? Who is he? You know what? I'm not letting all the boys do the work. I stand up and walk to Danielle. She immediately punches me. An action she probably regrets now. I push her to the floor and get on top of her. Punching her face over and over again. Blood gushing from her lips to her chin. She pushes me off and attempts to punch me in the face, luckily for me, she missed because I ducked. By now, the buff guys left and it's just me fighting Danielle and the boys watching. The boys try and pull me away. I finally leave with a bruise on my cheek and Danielle left with a bloody lip and bloody nose. I feel victorious. That's what she gets for being a bitch. 


Zayn's P.O.V We finally get home. We go inside and sit on the couch. We start to pull our masks off.Lashauna's P.O.V They finally take off their masks. Now I can see the person who said he loved me was... Harry. My heart drops. But how? When? Ugh! I like Harry a lot too but we're just friends. This is all too much. Maybe I just need a break from the boys for a while."Uh Harry can I speak to you?" I ask."Sure!" He says smiling his million dollar smile. Oh lord, how can I say no to those dimples!We go to Harry's bedroom to talk."I know its you, that said you loved me" I say."Listen Shaun, we've known each other our whole lives." He replies.


AUTHORS NOTE: Harry and Lashauna have been best friends their whole lives because Anne (Harry's mom) was best friends with Lashauna's mom since they were in high school.


Back to the story~


"I've always felt something, this something deep down inside for you. I don't know what it is. I don't feel like this when I'm around other girls Shaun. I love you. We haven't spent much time with each other in forever and well it just doesn't feel right being away from you. You are a part of my life it feels like. When I'm away from you I feel like jumping off a cliff. Lashauna I would never ever let anyone hurt you. Ever. The day that Liam hurt you, I wanted to go punch him in his face. But then we heard the full story. And I knew you'd probably want him back and I would never have a chance with you. I love you Shaun" Harry says serious.Aww that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard anyone say to me! I kind of always felt the same way about him. But at the same time, I like Liam. I also like Zayn! But Harry just said something no one else has ever said to me or had the guts to say to me. I smile. We both lean in to kiss at the same time. I feel sparks fly, nothing I've ever felt before. I think of Liam and pull back immediately, but not quick enough."So Shaun, I see you have been cheating on me with two guys?" Liam says."No I'm not sure if we're even dating Liam! You haven't told me anything yet!" I yell."Well Shaun I just can't believe you! You get mad at me for kissing Danielle when SHE came on to me? And don't expect me to get mad when I catch you kissing two other guys!?" Liam yells."Liam we need to talk." I say. Harry exits the room. "What?" Liam says sternly. He's mad."I think we need to see other people." I say.Tears form his eyes."Fine" He says and storms to his room. His door slams. He loves me. He really does. But do I feel the same way? That's a question I'll need to think about for a long time.

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