you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


4. part four



PG-13. Violence, Cursing, Kissing etc.


Previously~ She doesn't want to see Liam like this and she doesn't want to hear excuses. She saw what happened and it's over with. Nothing to be explained, and nothing will ever make her feel better. Wait, take that back... only one thing will make her feel better....Zayn Malik ♥



Tyler walks  in the basement with the football team. Tyler is holding a baseball bat!"Tyler how could you?!" Lashauna screams."I was trying to protect you!" He screams back."Tyler!!! I am 19 years old! I can protect myself! You know what? I want you and your friends out! Tonight I'm having my girlfriends over. Go somewhere." Lashauna says, trying to calm down."Whe-" she cuts him off."Go to Austin's house or something!""FINE!" Tyler and his friends storm out of the house.She calls her friends Lauren, Chelsie, Hayden , Emily (Em), Elizabeth (Lizzie), Samantha (Sammi), Ashley (Ash), and Jenna and told them to come over for the night. They arrive and start talking. "I'm sorry girl! You'll feel better soon. Remember Kaleb? He was a real jerk to me! He cheated on me and 3 other girls. Can you believe that?!" Sammi says."Yeah Shaun, you'll feel better. Maybe you should let Liam explain what happened. He might have a good explanation. She might have come on to him first. You never know. But you have to remember, Forgive and forget." Her friend Chelsie says."Thanks girls. I love you guys so much!" Lashauna says.


Zayn's P.O.V Tonight's the night. Tonight is the night I'm gonna confess my love for Lashauna. 


Regular P.O.V


Ding dong! The doorbell rings."I bet it's Liam" Lashauna rolls her eyes.She opens the door to find... Zayn?"Lashauna. I love you. You are everything to me. Your beautiful Blue eyes and long eyelashes. I love your personality. I love you so much Lashauna. I've always been afraid to tell you and all because you were with Liam but Lashauna I love you so very much."Zayn leans in to kiss, and Lashauna doesn't stop him.

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