you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


5. part five


PG-13! Violence, cursing, kissing, etc.


Previously~Zayn leans in to kiss, and Lashauna doesn't stop him.



"SHIT!" Lashauna backs out of the kiss."What's wrong?" Zayn asks."This doesn't feel right Zayn." She replies."What doesn't feel right?""This! Us kissing! It doesn't feel right. I'm sorry. I- I still love Liam. I know he cheated on me but I still love him. I need time to think. I'm sorry Zayn." she says.Zayn walks to his car, heartbroken."I didn't cheat on you Lashauna." She turns around to see Liam, all scraped up."W-what are you doing here?" Lashauna asks."I came to explain. But clearly, I'm not the only one who has explaining to do." He says getting a little angry."Explain then." Lashauna  says with attitude."I was in the shower. I wanted to be super clean and dressed up for our date. I mean it was our one year anniversary! The lads, being stupid as usual, left the door unlocked. Danielle broke in and when I got dressed she was downstairs on my couch. At first I was a little creeped out. Then, she explained how much she 'misses me and loves me' and I told her I don't love her anymore. I told her I love you, Lashauna. I told her that I have moved on. She begged for one more chance and I told her no. She grabbed me and whispered, 'Liam Payne, I love you with all my heart. I'm not giving up' and kissed me. I was trying to back out but she was grasping me too tight! Then, you walked in. I saw the tears in your eyes and how angry you were. I was going to explain but you wouldn't let me. Then," Liam choked his words."Y-y-you left me" Liam tears up."Liam. I love you. I love you with all my heart and you know that. I didn't leave you. I am still right here. Thank you for coming back to explain to me. And my brother did all this shit to you! I'm so sorry about what they did! I hope you're okay!" she says."I'm okay, now that you're back" He whispers and smiles.Liam lifts her chin up and grabs her waist pulling her in for a long, romantic kiss. "I understand" They hear a voice behind them.

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