you and Liam have been dating for a year now but then deserter strikes in your relationship


8. part eight


PG-13Violence, Cursing, Kissing, ETC


Previously~ "Fine" He says and storms to his room. His door slams. He loves me. He really does. But do I feel the same way? That's a question I'll need to think about for a long time. 


Now~ I just need to put my mind at ease. How can things happen so quick? It's all confusing. My phone be

gins to ring. Crap! It's Chelsie! I forgot about them in the last two hours!! "Guys I'm sorry I got caught up in something. Maybe you guys should just go home. I'm planning on staying at the boys house tonight. We all have to work some stuff out." I say."It's okay Shaun, I understand. We'll go home. Night and talk to you tomorrow" Chelsie says and hangs up."CARROTTTTS!" Louis screams. OMG gotta love him. I laugh a little. Harry comes in with Zayn and Liam. Oh lord. Thank god Lou and Nialler don't like me. This sucks balls -.-


"I'm not even special" I mumble."What?" Harry asks."I'm not special" I say back."You are special to me! Shaun you have three guys fighting over you right now, and you say you aren't special!" He says."Why do you guys like me anyway?" I ask."Jeez Shaun, if you wanted to stay Up All Night we could've just took it to the bedroom" Harry says with a wink.My best friend? Flirting with me? This is getting crazy."Niall can I talk to you?" I ask Niall."Why not Superman?" Louis asks with hurt eyes."You can come too!" I laugh.We walk to the kitchen."Do you guys like me?""No." They both reply in unison."Okay. Do the guys ever talk about me?""Harry and Zayn do. Liam talks about Danielle.""WHAT?!" Okay now I'm pissed.I storm out of the room.


Niall's P.O.V


"And how much he hates her! Damn it Shaun you didn't let me finish!"

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