Im Gonna Have To Tell Her

Ashleey c'mon we have to go. "Mom has to go to work." Thats my daughter Ashleey by the way. Well i dont want to give a way to much so I {WAS} dating Louis untill he left for X-Factor and then found out i was prego and i didnt want to tell Louis and i diddnt want to tell Ashleey about her dad but now im gonna have to since Ashley who is 2 loves One direction and there coming to Maryland for a concert.


2. Did she just say........

Aliza-Ok mom i know just get the green bottle with the orange cap and milk/eggs/fudge rounds/taco meat/cheese/pepers/lettuse/olive/tomattos/apples/apple jucie/oarnge juice/grapes/etc....... Ok come on ashleey go get in the car. OTAY mommy bye gramdama c vu la8ter. Bye sweetie Have fun aliza and ashleey.

Grocrey Store.......................

Aliza- Ok ashleey stay with mamma k. OTAY MOMMYYYYYY said ashleey. Stop yelling nowwww.Otay mommy After were done.... Now we r checking out when Ashleey looks over at a poster saying look mommy its one direction ther coming to concert an we go can we go. Sweetiii I say but was interupted by the casheir saying your total in 50.50 cash credit or debit i say cash and we leave to go home.

Back at home..........................

Mom- so did you get everything. Yes mom i did. So were talking while were putting away grocreys and Ashleey is playing in her room. So mom we were just about to leave when she saw that one direction was having a concert and she is asking if she can go and since her birthday is in a week i think i should get her tickets to gooo I said. But dont you think that louis will know who you are. Dought it he cant even remember what he did 3 days ago. Ok ok you can go and get her tickets but you no that one day she will find out and she willl be mad and sad so do it sooner then later.

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