Im Gonna Have To Tell Her

Ashleey c'mon we have to go. "Mom has to go to work." Thats my daughter Ashleey by the way. Well i dont want to give a way to much so I {WAS} dating Louis untill he left for X-Factor and then found out i was prego and i didnt want to tell Louis and i diddnt want to tell Ashleey about her dad but now im gonna have to since Ashley who is 2 loves One direction and there coming to Maryland for a concert.


1. Aliza Family

ALIZA-Hi im aliza i go to Lenoard High (not high school colage) I have a two year old daughter and live with my mom who was with me every step of the way. My dad is in Iran fighting for our freedom. And the father of Ashleey dont get me started i willl tell that story later. I work at Starbucks from 8:00 am-5:00pm From Mondays to Friday to earn money to by my own place and pay my own bills and things for me and Ashleey beacuse i have gone into debt while "the father" has millons of money.


Harry-Louis c'mon we have to go to an interveiw. *NO RESPONSE * LOUISSSSSSSSSSSS  Ok im coming gosh dont gotta be so harsh on me im still recovering louis said. Ohh palease you never really got hurt you only have a cold. HARRY it is not just a cold i mean my hangover. Thats was 3 days ago WHATEVER meet you in the van. Paul waiting so hurry. OK harry go now.


Aliza-Ok so now you kinda know him but he is the father of Ashleey.


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