**I Love You Like A Love Song Baby**

****This is not a requested one, so I will update it. Requested imagines are only one-shots, and only one long chapter. Please understand****

Sophi has been looking for a new guy to ring out the new year with, it is finally turning to be 2013, and she still hasnt followed her one New Years' resolution: To find a guy worth keeping. She decides to just give up, hang with friends, and see what happens. Maybe love isnt something you must look for, maybe it's been in front of you all along, maybe you just havent seen it.... Maybe you should open your eyes and maybe you'd just see that there has been someone with their eyes on her for a while now, and she justs needs to notice him. It shouldnt bother her, he is always around her...


1. Hangover

I awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the light shining in on my face from the flat windows. I opened my eyes lightly, blinking away until I was used to the light, and I got up, struggling to get to my feet. I had drunk a few beers with Harry last night, and then I passed out as soon as I got here, and I was on the couch. I quickly turned to take a look around the room, and I noticed it was all the same, except for Harry, he was lying on the chair. He was still asleep, his mouth open slightly. I looked around a bit more, straining my sore neck from sleeping the wrong way, and I noticed a few beer bottles sitting on the coffee table. Which, they confirmed what I was thinking: I'd drank way more than I thought I had. I winced at a pain in my wrist, and as soon as I looked at it, I gasped so loud that Harry woke up. There was a name written out over the veins in my wrist, right underneath my palm where the thumb ended. It said "Harry" on it, and I almost screamed. I wonder if Harry had gotten one too... I looked over, remembering that I'd woken him up, and he smiled at me slightly before slamming his hand to his head. I winced for him, it looked like it hurt, and sure enough, on his wrist was my name, "Sophi". I didnt smile, I was nervous, what would everyone think? It was a tattoo somewhere that I couldnt hide it very well, they would all see it. Everyone. But why should I care, he is my bestfriend. 

"Harry,do you have a tattoo on your wrist? I have your name written on me..." I said, my head pounding with everything I had said. I saw Harry look over at me, nervous to talk about the tattoos.

"Yeah... And it hurt so bad when they put it on.... atleast it's over now." He said, smiling slightly, his smile fading when he looked on his wrist at my name sitting there. It looked like it was my handwriting, also. That tattoo artist must've been pretty good, he got my writing spot on. "All I remember is you taking the needle and tattooing me, and then I tattooed you." He said, and I winced weakly. I never thought I would actually tattoo someone.... I smiled weakly at Harry, and stumbled to my feet again, almost tripping over a random shoe on the floor.

"Who's shoe is this?" I ask, weakly. Secretly hoping I didnt have a party here last night. I dont think I did, or else this place would be more messed up. But, I hadnt seen the rest of the flat yet.

"Oh, it's mine. I guess I threw them at you or something.." Harry joked, and I smiled at him. I picked up a pillow off the ground and threw it at him, and he stood up. He had obviously drunken more than I had, as he was stumbling a little more. I bent over and picked up the beer bottles on the coffee table, there were like 10. I gasped as hands wrapped around behind me, and picked me up in a hug from behind, making me spill a little beer on myself. Not like it mattered, I already smelled like beer. Harry put me back down, and I quickly scuttled out into the kitchen, and put the beer bottles on the side of the sink, overlooking the city of London. Me and Harry have been bestfriends since birth, and we'd grown up together. Yeah, he was famous now, but that didnt ruin our friendship, he just takes me out with him on tours. I also get to bond with the other boys, who are pretty nice lads, not like Harry, who was always a sweetheart. The only one that was mostly sweet all the time was a lad named Liam. I didnt really know them all that well, so it wasnt right to judge them anyway. I turned around to take in the appearance of the rest of my house, it was exactly the way I'd left it when me and Harry left for the club. There was only one thing missing, my car. I dont know where it went, but I really hoped it was outside. I thought I'd seen it sitting out there in the parking lot, but I couldnt be for sure. I smiled at Harry, which he returned, before I rushed for the door.

"Your car is out there." He says, which makes me calm down a bit. It was my mum's car, and I'd asked her if I could use it to go on tour with the boys. She didnt want to let me go, but I kept asking and begging, and so did Harry, so she finally gave in. She knew that Harry would keep me safe, he's always worked hard to make sure I was safe. He once beat a guy up for trying to hurt me, which I thought was nice, but scary. I stopped him from fighting him completely, before he got himself hurt, and he listened to me. He was good about that.


Harry's POW:

She was cleaning the house a bit, hiding all the traces of the beer and things. I smiled at her, telling her that her mum's car was still out there. She was only allowed to come on tour as long as I stayed with her and didnt let her out of my sight. Which, I didnt plan on doing anyways. I have to be honest in saying that Sophi has always been a crush of mine. I just dont want to ruin our friendship if she doesnt feel the same. I try breaking to her lightly, one step at a time, but it never works, she just takes it as a best friend remark. She thinks our friendship is cute... I wasnt that upset last night when she decided to tattoo my arm. It was actually my idea, in my drunken state, I thought it was a good idea... But she obviously doesnt like hers.

"Hey, babe, do you want to maybe go see the boys today?" I ask her, and she nods, her perfect hair falling forward. I smile at her, and she turns to go into the bathroom. I hear the water start running, and I know I have some time, I race up to her room. She takes long showers mostly. And I know she's in no hurry today. We both had habits of looking through each others' journals, and yes, I kept one so she could look through it occasionally. Just to make her happy. I'd do anything to make her happy and keep her safe. I would even kill someone... believe it or not, I would. I quickly got her journal and saw that there was a new entry, I read it quietly in my head, keeping my head concentrated on the shower, so I would know when she was done. I read the journal entry

I always imagined me and Harry would be friends forever. I always hope we will be together, and that our friendship will never go away. Sometimes it's hard to fight the advances, I know he likes me, I just dont think he would want a relationship or anything. I dont want us to break up and then ruin all our friendship. I dont want anything to happen. If I couldnt keep anything else in my life, if I could choose anything in my life to keep and then give all the rest of EVERYTHING away, I would choose to have Harry. And I couldnt very well if there was awkwardness between us... And I always know he's there looking out for me, and I really appreciate that:) I hope this isnt just a faze, I hope our friendship lasts. 

This was all I could read before I heard the showerhead turn off, and I threw the journal back where she always keeps it and raced back down the stairs. She knows that I like her. She thinks a relationship will ruin our friendship... I dont want to believe it. I think I could change her mind... I think I might just be able to. I know deep down inside that she wants to know that I'm completely hers. And that nobody will take me away from her.


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