Two Love Birds

A Liam Payne story. It will have many chapters. This is my first Movellas story so no hate please. This story will kind of be around Valentines Day! Hope you guys like it!! :) <3 BTW I LOVEEEE ONE DIRECTION! My friend got tickets for christmas and i almost cried because I didnt get any lol :)


1. Today Was A Fairytale

I wake up to see these big brown eyes looking straight at me.  "Happy Anniversary", Liam said.  "Happy Anniversary to you, too", I say back.  Today is Liam and I's 10 month Anniversary.  "So what do we have any special plans today?", I ask.  "Well I was going to visit Andy but if you want to spend the day together that's fine with me.", Liam said.  I'm glad he said he was going to visit Andy because I have to go pick out a special surprise for Liam.  "I was going to go shopping with Carlin (my best friend) later today so you can go hang out with Andy.", I say.  "Andy wants me to come over now so I'm going to go get dressed then leave.  I love you, Bailey.", he says.  I say, "Okay and I love you, too!  About 5 minuets later I hear the door close.  I go to text Carlin but I can't find my phone.  "There it is!", I say.  It was right by a note that Liam wrote. "Dear Bailey I will miss you so much! :)"  Liam is so sweet and kind! So I go text Carlin.  "I'm ready to get Liam's surprise!", I say.  Carlin text back, " Okay be there in 10!"

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